Here are the 5 miraculous €19 products to say goodbye to split ends

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To have beautiful hair all year round, there are a few simple things to do. Goodbye forks!

Having beautiful and healthy hair is a real daily mission. If there are actions to take to take care of your hair and reduce aggression, split ends can still appear. Nothing beats a good scissors to start a healthy start, but if you don’t care, these 5 products will really help you limit breakouts.

5 treatments and accessories to try to limit split ends of hair

1. A treatment to strengthen hair

Split ends treatment – 27€ It becomes splendid

The promise of this serum from the Grow Gorgeous brand is ambitious: to smooth and repair hair, eliminating split ends. Thanks to a mixture of oats, wood, algae and Pelvetia canaliculata, the hair fiber is strengthened.

2. A mask to deeply nourish the hair

Moisturizing And Nourishing Hair Mask – 22 € Gisou

To avoid forks appearing in your hair, you need to make sure it has sufficient hydration. Otherwise they will weaken to the point that the cuticle scales open so that ultimately the only permanent solution is to cut. The intense nourishing mask of the Gisou brand is formulated with honey. Thus, your hair will be healthier, softer and stronger.

3. A serum to lock in hydration

Keratin serum and argan oil 50ml Urban Keratin