Helmy Bakr, the most prominent of them… health crises suffered by art stars at the start of 2023

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Over the past few days, coinciding with the start of the year 2023, it has witnessed several crises for a number of artists and art celebrities, which are health crises, most of which have entered in the hospital and underwent surgery.

We show you the crises of the art stars in 2023, in the following lines:

My dream is blank
Musician Helmy Bakr suffered a sudden health crisis, following which he was admitted to hospital, and artist Mustafa Kamel, captain of musical professions, asked the Egyptian public and fans of musician Helmy Bakr to pray for his full recovery.

And Kamel revealed the evolution of the state of health of musician Helmy Bakr, noting that he suffered from severe bronchitis, which negatively affected the heartbeat, and thanked God for the gradual improvement of the situation.

He also suffers from excess water in the feet due to an increase in the rate of yolk in the body. Moreover, thank God, the water in the feet is in a remarkable state of stability.

Kamel thanked the intensive care medical staff for the remarkable improvement of musician Helmy Bakr.

Esad Younes
The artist, Esaad Younes, is currently undergoing physiotherapy sessions, which is usual, after undergoing joint replacement surgery.

Asaad Younes is currently conducting physiotherapy sessions at his home, with a view to resuming his artistic activity in the coming period.

And the star, Esaad Younes, has been discharged from hospital, after undergoing surgery to change the joint on the right side of the pelvic region, after falling from the stairs of his house.

Esaad Younis underwent surgery to change the joint on the right side of his pelvic region after falling from the stairs in his house.

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Muhammad Al Taji
The artist’s niece, Mohamed Al-Taji, revealed through her personal account on the social networking site Facebook that her uncle’s health has improved after he underwent surgery recently.

And Muhammad Al-Taji’s niece wrote in her Facebook post: “It is true that I thank everyone who prayed for the talented artist’s uncle, Muhammad Al-Taji.

And Muhammad Al-Taji’s niece went on to say: “As for the journalists and program preparers who requested that they work with him, interventions and meetings, by Almighty God, I told him everything that, and it is good that he thanks you all very, very much.
He apologizes, he will not be able to intervene now or communicate with anyone on the phone due to his situation, and he is well and reassures you about him. I pray that he recovers safely, and many thanks to all of you.

And Muhammad Al-Taji announced that he had been exposed to a health problem during the current period as he prepared to undergo surgery, the details of which he did not disclose, and Muhammad Al-Taji asked his fans on his Facebook page to pray for him.

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Naim Issa
The state of health of the artist, Naim Issa, has improved after suffering a serious health crisis, following which he was transferred to hospital.

Naim Issa has passed the stage of danger and currently enjoys a good state of health, since he must leave the hospital after three days, after following up on his state of health, the artist Ashraf Zaki, captain of the actors.

And Sami Naim Issa, the son of artist Naim Issa, said his father’s condition is stable after going through a difficult period which saw a great deterioration in his health, explaining: “He was not eating, and That’s what he did. for all problems, there is progress.

And she added, in a telephone interview with the program “Good Morning Egypt” on Channel One and the Egyptian satellite channel, that he suffered from serious health problems due to not swallowing food, indicating that certain problems have been resolved and other issues are being resolved. solved, because he receives strong antibiotics about every 6 hours and installs solutions for it and tests for it 3 times a day.

He pointed out that he was severely dehydrated from not eating, also had infections, could not eat and was unconscious, and an ambulance was called and taken away in the hospital, commenting: this difficult stage, and my father was released from intensive care 3 years ago.” For days, everything was regular, the heartbeat was regular, and he is now in a regular room, and the medical consultations are unanimous so that he can complete his trip treatment at home.

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