Hair loss. Pathological causes and treatments

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For centuries, men and women suffering from hair loss have resorted to a dizzying array of pills, potions and lotions, all promising to restore lost hair, but to no avail, says Dr. and baldness at Wealth Wellth, which reveals a great deal of misunderstanding about what can be done to address this common problem; That is, hair loss, in this particular hadith of “my lady”.

Dr Michael Ryan

Dr. Michael Ryan: Blood tests can show the underlying causes of hair loss. Be careful with pills and shampoos.

Due to the many errors in hair treatment methods, sales of so-called “very expensive treatments” have spread, despite the fact that most of them, says Dr. If there are other hair conditions they suffer from, I tell them there are a few simple steps that will help give your hair a chance to shine again, without the need to pay large sums of money for unnecessary treatments.

What are the causes of hair loss?

There are many reasons for hair loss, including hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or menopause, as well as nutritional factors, such as following a harsh diet, illness, taking certain medications, or damage to the scalp. Michael: “In men, hair loss usually occurs for genetic reasons, known as ‘androgenetic alopecia’, or male pattern baldness, and usually begins when they reach the ages of 20 and 30. The reason for this is the transformation of the male hormone “testosterone” into another hormone called “dihydrotestosterone”, which makes the hair follicles gradually weaker and thinner, while 40% of women show signs of hair loss or weakness at age 60 years old. In general, hair falls out in the front and side of the scalp, but it stays thick in the back and both sides get alopecia. Macular degeneration, an incomplete loss of scalp hair that affects one in a thousand people, is an autoimmune disease; Where the body attaches hair by mistake, and sometimes the condition becomes so severe that the patient loses hair on the eyebrow and eyelid, or all the hair on the body.

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Hair loss categories

Women who have followed a harsh diet and have lost more than 50% of their hair as a result; Where hair falls out as soon as you touch it. Obese people are also prone to hair loss. Due to the poor quality of food they eat. 30% of cases suffering from hair loss are children who refuse to eat at normal rates. College students who lack money or who spend their money on things other than healthy food. Elderly people who are unable to eat healthy foods.

The most important food suitable for hair loss

ensure a good mix of protein, iron and vitamins in the diet; Where the hair consists mainly of protein and keratin. Therefore, protein-rich foods promote hair growth. Eating red meat twice a week is one of the best ways to get adequate amounts of protein and iron, which help promote scalp health. Eating salmon and roe are also good sources of healthy food. Eat watercress in large quantities, for vegetarians; Because they are also prone to hair loss. Take iron supplements, starting with a low dose of 15 milligrams, and consult a doctor. Taking into account that proteins cannot be adequately absorbed without carbohydrates, rice, potatoes, pasta and bread should be added as necessary ingredients.

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Terrifying rainfall

Hair grows about half an inch a month. Hair lives an average of five years for people of Caucasian descent, three years for people of African descent, and eight years for Asians, and a person usually loses 100 hairs a day. Dr Michael: “If the rate of hair loss increases significantly or if the person has a high fever for 24 consecutive hours or more due to a stomach germ or the flu, then the number of hairs that die off increases . So, after a while, the rainfall seems terrifying; This leads some people to turn to pills and shampoos supposedly designed to magically restore hair. This behavior is wrong. Because hair loss here is caused by a temporary illness. This means that he will grow back after recovering from the disease.

Successful medical treatments

Platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies, according to Dr. Michael, a new way to fight hair loss, or especially prevent it, continues: “These treatments stimulate hair follicles, increase blood and stimulate the repair process of hair follicles, which leads to hair growth again. But these treatments won’t work if the person is bald. As for women who have lost their hair since menopause, they may benefit from a combination of stem cell treatments and hormone replacement to correct the condition, and blood tests can also show the underlying causes of the hair loss.

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