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The economic crisis is hitting the whole world from end to end, leaving no superpower or emerging economy unscathed by the high prices and shortage of many food and energy commodities, and we in Egypt cannot overcome this global crisis by slapping ourselves, by complaining and blaming others, because we are all in this together, and we are all dealing with the consequences of these global crises, and there is no way to mitigate or overcome these crises, except by walking a path which is development, through science, work, acquiring skills and experience, and exploring appropriate ways through scientific experiments and learning from the experiences of countries We choose from them what suits us, or identify and avoid their weaknesses, so as to shorten the path to the highest rates of development, harness local energies, and re reduce waste, whether in the consumption of arable water, raw materials or manufactured products.

We can increase productivity and reduce waste when we produce goods and services with high quality specifications, and with the high cost of importing, the opportunity is ripe for the local product to replace the high cost importer , especially with the high value of hard currency, and then we will not be affected by the high value or scarcity of foreign currencies.

The arduous path towards sustainable development and increased productivity to achieve a better standard of living requires hard work, effort and patience until it bears the desired fruits. We can overcome this ordeal with cooperation and solidarity, and that we relieve each other, and that the producer or trader does not take advantage of the crisis to increase the price, or store goods to increase them. Its price, in the hope of making a higher profit, and it can actually profit from the storage of a commodity, but if we imagine that each person resorted to this method in the individual exit from the crisis, we will find that the crisis has deepened, and what an individual has achieved by hiding or hoarding one commodity will pay double what he has earned by buying other commodities, as long as selfishness has spread and the desire for gain ignites at the expense of the suffering of others, but if we join hands and cooperate, the feeling of security will relieve us, and we will find someone to help us through the crisis, as long as we are united by a feeling and a challenge, the crisis will subside and lessen The complaints, and we will overcome this difficult stage, and I saw a promising hope in the conference of the National Alliance for Civil Action, and I there saw a renewed energy of love and giving, an energy e inexhaustible, because stemming from our long history of cooperation, synergy and affront to adversity.

Throughout its long history, Egypt has gone through periods when Nile water was scarce and food production declined, and we have learned from these bitter experiences that the lifeline lies in solidarity and interdependence, and working as hard as possible, while reducing consumption as little as possible, and feeling the need and help of others, so that this collective spirit prevails. Together we can overcome the drought period, and our ancestors also faced the floods that swept away and destroyed towns and villages, and they managed to survive through cooperation, solidarity, endurance and support. mutual, so they rebuilt better than before, and they learned the virtue of teamwork and cooperation in righteousness and godliness.

This is what the National Alliance, which brings together a large number of NGOs, is doing throughout Egypt. We have more than 50,000 associations, whose alliance and work in coordination with the government and businessmen will bring about a quantum leap and a huge boom in many countries. from the subsidy of the unfit to the supply of production tools, for certain families to lift them out of poverty or lack of income, to provide them with health services, and all this by donors of money or efforts , there are those who give, and there are those who provide a service or an experience or facilitate the establishment of a productive project, and the entry of these associations into the field of agricultural cooperation at the appropriate time, It is easy to exploit every square centimeter of the land of Egypt for good to grow Associations provide seeds at reasonable prices, without many intermediaries entering them who raise their prices, so that they reach the farms at reasonably priced, and provide advice on the use of modern agricultural methods that reduce wastage in irrigation water, increase land productivity, and increase land productivity. Return to the farmer, the means of subsistence are available and its price decreases.

These associations presented practical experiences that their alliance, which emerged last March, was able to provide many services during this short period of no more than ten months, including medical examinations and care, service delivery and provision of food baskets for the incapacitated, and have entered the field of creating small projects in industry and agriculture, and have helped hundreds of thousands of families to set up projects, turn them into productive capacity and good, instead of receiving aid and waiting for subsidies.

I have seen civil society in the best form of patriotism, selflessness, teamwork, spreading the seeds of good and presenting a positive model of civil society that builds and consolidates the principles of cooperation for good, relief to the afflicted, assistance to the incapable, profiting from idle energies, and transforming them from the search for charity into hands that produce good, capable of giving.

This model of civil work is what we desperately need these days, and we must reach out to it, whether through encouragement, volunteering, or donations according to each of us’ abilities, so that this luminous model civil work that is based on our heritage and the experiences we inherited from our fathers and grandfathers, especially our mothers, continues and expands. I used to see my mother go through the neighbors and agree with them to enter into an “association”, in which each woman would pay a specific amount of her simple savings each month, and whoever got it first would be arranged according to his needs, so that the “association” was a security force between the neighbors, and so it was. Money” in marriages is a way to save part of the expenses of the marriage, and the family who married one of its sons or daughters pays part of the needs of the marriage, so the debt burden is lightened for them by this simple symbiotic act, which is rendered when those who provided “the money” pass through it, so that the wheel of life turns with cooperation and symbiosis.

We must take care of these luminous signs, develop and extend them, and the National Alliance for Civil Action is a model for this development of our noble and positive heritage, which assures us that Egypt is full of goodness let her give birth to those generations whose country and people occupy her, and labor diligently and silently to spread good.

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