Fitness boost: Halle Berry’s amazing body at 56 years old


Halle Berry’s stomach is one of the strongest in Hollywood.

American actress Halle Berry It never ceases to amaze those who follow her career, as the woman remains just as stunning as when she starred The catwoman And she appeared in that tight dress, which sighed from everyone who saw her.

Watch the Halle Berry’s amazing body at 56 years old It leads more than one person to want to know what the beautiful brunette is doing to stay so phenomenal, and why something needs to be done. Although genes certainly played an important role, like theirs in the movie monster ballBerry has Fitness routine Help her keep it A delicate personality.

On the portal, they explain that exercises that cannot be missing in a day Halle Berry to get The ideal body is at 56 She is lunges with biceps curls, while wearing ankle and wrist weights. In total, the prolific actress performs 40 repetitions. But since the steps are not enough, Halle Berry He goes for 20 squats, while an elastic band remains around his ass and in his hands he holds a foam dumbbell.

Berry also likes to add cardio training and a bit of martial arts and boxing to boot. The latter helps you improve coordination and work all of your muscles, which leads to your abs An amazing body at 56.

Until completeness is demanded Halle Berry’s routine To take care of your body and strengthen it, but it is worth doing, because the end result is a effect number.

Halle Berry was the first black actress to win an Academy Award. Photo: Gtres


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