Etenon Fitness exceeds 13 million euros and sets 15 in 2023



Rafael Rodriguez, CEO of Etenon Fitness, noted that the benefits for fiscal year 2022 were similar to those in 2021. According to the director, “despite the negative effects of the energy issue, we were helped by the stability of shipping prices, as well as raw material costs.”

(30-1-2023). Etenon Fitness continues to rise among the elite Spanish professional fitness distributors. The company from Jaén was valued at 13.2 million euros last year, up 14.78% from 2021.

Etenon Fitness maintained in 2022 the upward trajectory that it has maintained without interruption, at least, since 2018. Last year it reached a turnover figure of 13.2 million euros, a new all-time high meaning a growth of 14.78% in relation to 11.5 million Euros billed in 2021.

Its CEO, Rafael Rodriguez, admitted that he was “satisfied” with the sales recorded in 2022, especially because we continue to grow but in a natural and sustainable way and have been able to establish ourselves among Spanish gyms as a provider known for their attention and on-time service, as well as the quality of their products.

In 2022, Etenon Fitness recorded increases in sales of said brand’s strength and cardio lines as well as products of its other brands AllFreeWeight and Unlimited H5.

Likewise, the company from Jaén achieved the planned goals with the distribution of Core Health and Fitness seals, where Nautilius, Star Trac and StairMaster showed the greatest sales dynamics.


15% of Etenon Fitness’s turnover in 2022 came from exports. The company is currently present in France, Benelux, Portugal, Libya, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean and Mexico, as well as in Iraq where at the end of last year it entered into a distribution agreement with an important company in that country (Zaloña Group).

Rafael Rodriguez was confident that “2023 will be the key year for our international expansion and we will significantly increase our export share”.

Special manufacturing effect

For this, the manager also hopes to improve his potential as a manufacturer. As Rodriguez explained, “Made in Spain” is very popular abroad, due to its quality and conditions, and although some products have to be “customized” according to the requirements of each country, I hope that our current production capacity, which is still at 20-25% From its full potential, it will reach full performance in 2024.” The manager, however, is not impatient to make it happen: “We will proceed slowly so as not to fail in service or in delivery times that are being extended. We know service has always been one of our most valued values.”

In 2022, Etenon Fitness has invested two million euros in this department located in its new premises in Pegalajar.

The target is 15 million by 2023

The increase in internal manufacturing, the consolidation of the export department of the company, the strengthening of the work of the general tendering department and the growth of its reputation among the managers of the various types of gyms operating in the country are the keys to Rafael Rodriguez is confident that in 2023 the company will break a new record for billing with access to 15 million euros.

“Our gradual consolidation in the market allows us to climb the ranks among the elite Spanish distributors specializing exclusively in professional fitness products,” the manager confirms.

It must be remembered that Etenon Fitness has a showroom of 1,000 square meters at its headquarters, an area that, he concludes, “I doubt there is any other company in this sector in our country”.


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