East in Ain Mohamed explores its heritage

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East in Ain Mohamed explores its heritage

January 22, 2023, 07:00


Muhammad Al-Aqidi

In a journey that stretched more than 100 km, Al Sharq headed towards the village of Ain Muhammad, located in the north, through the Al Zubarah Road branching off the Al Shamal Highway, and before the town of Al Ruwais, turning at left from the top of the bridge. A heritage landmark of Qatar inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. After reaching the castle, we turned right and for a distance of about 3km. We got off the road at Ain Muhammad village, which appeared to be a heritage landmark known for authentic Qatari heritage in terms of the design of its buildings, rooms and houses inside, as if we were living in the last century, among small houses that contained big hearts, the same family gathered in an atmosphere of intimacy and love.

From the first moment we entered the village, the memories have taken us back to those beautiful years which have disappeared due to global development, so that Ain Muhammad village keeps renovating for us what is stuck in our minds and immortalized in it of beautiful memories that time does not erase.

Al-Sharq, after arriving in the village, saw its most important contents and features, including poetry houses and rooms built in the old style, and a camp for families and visitors who wish to experience life simply as parents did and grandparents to tents or houses, while ensuring complete privacy for the renters.

The village embodies our history

Al-Sharq met with Mr. Muhammad Al-Hayy Al-Nuaimi, the promoter of Ain Muhammad village, who praised the efforts of Qatari museums in support of the village, noting that the goal of establishing the village and opening it to

Visitors come to preserve our Qatari heritage, to introduce the heritage to visitors of different nationalities and to give them an opportunity to have the experience of simply living in old style designed houses and camps and to ensure privacy for the tenants, to introduce them to the old way of life and to provide an opportunity to introduce Qatari heritage and to support and stimulate tourism in the northern regions of the State of Qatar.

He added: The idea of ​​restoring and reopening the village aims to preserve Qatari heritage and identity from extinction and to consolidate and preserve the ancient Qatari culture for our children in practice, in implementation of Qatar Vision 2030.

Al-Nuaimi said during an interview with Al-Sharq: The village of Ain Muhammad, which was inaugurated on October 22 of the year 2022, is located in the north of the State of Qatar, precisely on the road that connects the North region with Al-Zubarah, and is about 2.5 km from the ancient coastal village of Freiha.

Weekly visits to the village

He added that the village of Ain Muhammad, located near the Al Zubarah fort, receives dozens of visitors on a weekly basis to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere that the village offers them during the winter season, where the good weather and the coolness of the atmosphere encourage the Kashta and visit the village, pointing out that this time the village differs after opening rented tents in front of visitors, that The demand for them has increased significantly, explaining that they had opened a group of seasonal tents on an experimental basis , fully equipped to cater for visitors and families in particular.

He explained that many heritage-related activities are held in the village, such as horse and camel riding, as well as arranging visits around the village to learn about its contents, including old houses, rooms, poetry houses and other tents, as well as organize trips for visitors on camel back to the works of art in the Qatar Museums, and to the Al-Zubarah Citadel, underlining that the results achieved today in the village of Ain Muhammad have come thanks to the collaboration with Mathaf, the result of partnership between the private sector and the public sector in the country.

The village reflects the simplicity of living

Al-Nuaimi pointed out that Ain Muhammad village is considered a historical heritage for the State of Qatar. Through this village, visitors can experience the simple life experience that prevailed in an era, and this village has come to repeat that life today among the rooms that have been designed in a traditional way mixed with modernity.

Al-Nuaimi invited the public to visit Ain Muhammad village and enjoy the winter atmosphere in the village with their families as the privacy of the place is for families in tents and rooms designed to cater for families and ensure they spend hours pleasant with their families in tents and houses that make them feel like they are living that good life that she was overwhelmed with simplicity, coziness and love.

Abdul Majeed Al Nuaimi: A traditional atmosphere that attracts Qatari families and expats

Abdul Majeed Al Nuaimi stressed the importance of Ain Muhammad village, who has come to introduce present and future generations and visitors to Qatar to the ancient heritage of Qatar, and to give them the opportunity to experience stay for hours inside rooms that have been designed in an antique style to give the environment a distinctive charm and elegance.

He pointed out that the village opens its doors to all visitors throughout the week and receives a large number of Qatari families and communities residing on the land of the State of Qatar, explaining that many visitors are attracted by the way the rooms and the presence of poetry houses distributed commensurately with the village, as well as the presence of pure tents and popular cafes.

He said that what distinguishes Ain Muhammad village is that it is located near one of the heritage monuments, which is Al Zubarah Castle, in addition to the folk and heritage atmosphere that characterizes it, and provides visitors with the opportunity to see and learn about the past life experience of parents and grandparents, explaining that the village sees a large crowd of people every day, to enjoy the activities The events held in this village, featuring a folksy atmosphere reflecting an aspect of Qatar heritage, explaining that the authorities in charge of the events in Ain Muhammad village were keen to reflect an aspect of our heritage and teach future generations about heritage, and foreign visitors about our customs, traditions and heritage, ensuring the presence of poetry houses and tents and popular places.

Al-Nuaimi continued, despite the village’s distance from Doha, some are keen to visit it from time to time to enjoy the homely atmosphere within the village and experience practicing some of the popular hobbies available, not to mention its distinction also with the moderate atmosphere which makes its climate characteristic throughout the year according to its geographical location.

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