Dry feet: What are the causes of dry feet? What are the treatments?


Why do we have dry feet?

the Causes of dry feet miscellaneous. Explanations by Muriel Montaignevert, podiatrist and podiatrist, president of the French Federation of Foot Health.

  • physiological side Some people have drier skin than others.
  • boot Certain types of shoes such as: Tap to danceAnd mules Which is without external interest intertwined drought And Horn under the feets, because the heel clicks with every step. This repeated gesture irritates and thickens the skin.
  • support problem : Foot in valgus, one leg slightly shorter than the other leads to asymmetrical use of the feet and an increased risk of dry feet and cracked feet.
  • climatic factor : the cold of winter please skin dryness. In the summer, walking Barefoot or in Barefoot Increases the risk of exposure to external attacks on the feet.

What are the symptoms of dry feet?

Dry feet are rough and uncomfortablespecifies a pedicure doctor and podiatrist. Feet can crack at the heel, as well as behind the big toe where the arch begins, as well as around the nails and the linings of the toes. »

Cracked feet It can fester and suffer from a crack, an open wound. They may also have irritation accompanied by itching, Dry feet can be associated with mycosis.Muriel Montaignevert warns.

theWomen are affected by dry feet more than men.. the reason ? Their feet are used more due to wearing high heeled shoes. They also have more horns.

It is rare for babies and children to suffer from dry feet. “When this is the case, it is due to an atopic eczema-type disease.”specifies a pedicure doctor and podiatrist.

Dry foot treatments

In the case of dry and cracked feet with calluses, it is important to take care of them daily at home, and if necessary See a podiatrist If the appearance of the feet does not improve.

First of all, it is important to wash your feet every day! Choose lukewarm water and avoid long foot baths, which dry out the skin.Recommended by a podiatrist.

If you want to carry a Homemade foot bathshould not last more than 5 to 10 minutes And not more than once a week.

You can also, up to once a week, Grate dry areas. “We use the grater in the shower, on damp skin. It’s less aggressive than on dry skin,” she says. Advocates Muriel Montaignevert.

Which grater to choose?

Between the pumice stone, emery cloth hand grater, metal hand grater and electric grater, the choice is vast. We don’t always know what’s the best advice from Muriel Montaignevert, a podiatrist.

“At first , pumice It’s an abrasive, but it gets polished when you use it, and then we tend to rub too hard. So I do not recommend it. »

the electric grater It is developing more and more and is appreciated for removing calluses from the feet. ” be carefulA podiatrist warns, There is a risk, in case of improper use, of overheating the skin of the feet and causing pain. »

So it stays gratedbooklet It is available in emery cloth or the metallic version. Which one do we choose? The best is a hand emery cloth graterthought Muriel Montaigne. It is used in the shower and should be cleaned well with a small nail brush to remove impurities. » Depending on the frequency of use, consider changing it after six months or a year.

and the metal grater ? “It’s more robust, doesn’t work well in the shower, and if it’s not made of stainless steel, it can rust!”warns a podiatrist and pedicure.

It is important to apply to dry, cracked feet, a Daily moisturizer. But not just any! Choose a specific cream for dry feet and cracked heels.specifies a pedicure doctor and podiatrist.

Morning or evening? Preferably, we apply Night cream for dry feet. It will penetrate and last longer. A small hazelnut is enough to massage dry feet cracked heel for a minute or twoexplains Muriel Montaignevert. You can then, if necessary, remove the excess cream. »

Moisturise your dry feet Thus daily makes it possible to observe Improvement within a week to ten days Around.

“At the same time, you have to make sure you have enough water, between 1.5 liters and 2 liters a day, Recommended podiatrist and pedicure. It is advised to limit the consumption of green tea. The latter is a diuretic. It “leaks” water out of the body’s cells. »

What do you do against corns under the feet?

“We must provide the same care that we are given Dry feet And in case crackImplementation Healing cream in large quantities in the evening, Muriel Montaignevert advises. Feel free to stretch the wound if the fracture is large Adhesive skin stitches. »

And if these home remedies don’t give good enough results, feel free to consult a podiatrist and podiatrist. The latter provides extensive medical care. Scalpel blades are used to cut away dead skin in just the right places. It also gives advice on choosing socks, preferably of natural and non-smooth fibers, on shoes, and on daily habits.

dry foot creams

to Wet your feetWe do not use day cream for the face or body milk! Below is a small selection of specific products.

  • Especially for very dry feet : Based on natural Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and a youth-protecting active ingredient (iparesin), Aclin Cream for extra-dry feet repairs mature cuticles and moisturizes severely damaged feet with calluses and cracked heels. (about 6.50 euros).
  • Anti-cracking : Based on urea for its moisturizing properties and condition of the cornea, Mavala Hydro Foot Care fights any excessive thickening of the stratum corneum of the feet. Minimizes the risk of calluses and cracks. (about 9.50 euros).
  • NotWe are fat : Based on water, glycerin, lavender and macadamia, this fast absorbing foot cream from Yves Rocher nourishes dry feet and penetrates quickly allowing you to put your shoes on right away. (about 8.90 euros).

Good care will allow you to forget about a feet dry, cracked, with calluses, and finds Soft feet.


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