Dr. Muhammad Al-Mukhtar, his father’s son.. the departure of the scholar and the founder

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Today, Sunday, the death of Mauritanian scholar Dr. Mohamed El-Mokhtar Ould Bah, president of the modern University of Nouakchott, head of the Mohammed VI Foundation for African Oulema branch in Mauritania, was announced in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, and one of the pioneers of the generation of the establishment of the modern Mauritanian state.

The deceased was famous for translating the meanings of the Noble Quran into the French language, which is ranked as one of the best translations. He also left behind nearly fifty works in the sciences of the Quran, hadith, biography, the foundations of religion and jurisprudence, and its origins , as well as language and poetry, which have enriched the Mauritanian library.

He recently published his memoirs in a book called “My Journey with Life”, in which he touched on the environment in which he was born and raised, his scientific and professional career, as well as fragments of his political journey, and his relationships with many world leaders, intellectuals and prominent personalities.


Allama Muhammad al-Mukhtar Walad Baba was born in 1924, in the district of Boutlemit, in one of the famous houses of knowledge in Mauritania, and studied religious sciences and linguistics in al-Mahdara, before beginning his journey of struggle for modern education, where he obtained his baccalaureate at the Department of Arts of the city of Senloui, capital of Mauritania during the French colonial era.

The late traveled to Morocco, where he earned a BA in Arabic Literature and Civilization from the Mohammed V University in Rabat, and from there he traveled to Paris, where he earned a Master of Arts from the Sorbonne University, then a doctorate from the same university.

The deceased is considered to belong to the first generation of Mauritania who struggled against the French colonialists, and one of the pioneers of the founding generation and builders of the modern Mauritanian state, as he was a member of the first government formed by the late Mukhtar Ould Daddah, in 1957, and held many prominent positions nationally and internationally, having been appointed Minister of Health and Population, then Vice President of the National Assembly and Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Ould Baha has been a proponent of the need to “rehabilitate” the Arabic language and restore its status and the status of Islamic culture, and in this context he has presented proposals that are at the heart of the reform of the Mauritanian education system.

Her great contribution has been to the reform of the Mauritanian education system, as she has held many positions related to the sector, including the Minister of Education and the Inspector General of Education. Her task is to reform education in Mauritania in the period from 1967 to 1973.

Dr. Muhammad al-Mukhtar Ould Baha chaired the Chinguetti Prize Board when it was established in 2000. The prize aims to encourage contributors to further scientific research in the fields of Islamic, scientific and literary studies.

Externally, the deceased was formerly a cultural adviser to UNESCO, and was also a regional representative of UNESCO in the Maghreb, then deputy secretary general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

In view of his scientific stature, he was previously appointed president of the Islamic University in Niger as well as a professor at the Dar al-Hadith al-Hasaniyah in Rabat, Morocco, and a professor at the Mohammed VI Institute for Qur’anic Studies in Rabat .

He was a member of the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo, the Arabic Language Academy in Sudan, the Al al-Bayt Foundation in Jordan and finally a member of the Supreme Council of the Mohammed VI Foundation for African Scholars in the Kingdom of Morocco.


In addition to his translation of the meanings of the Noble Quran into French, he is the author of several books on the sciences of the Quran, the most important of which are “History of Readings in the East and West, “Features of Reading of the People of Medina” and “Halaqat fi Maqra’ al-Imam Nafi’”.

He has written about ten books on the sciences of hadith and on the biography of the Prophet, the most important of which are “History of the noble sciences of hadith in the East and in the West”, “Languages ​​of messengers” and “On the path of Islam”, which is a collection of poems in French in praise of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

He has also written many books on the foundations of religion, jurisprudence and its origins, including his book “The History of the Principles of Religion” and his famous book “The Origins of Legislation and the Development of the Maliki Doctrine in Mauritania”. as well as his book “An overview of the origins of Al-Shawkani”.

The deceased was interested in language and poetry, so he left behind several books, the most important of which are “Poetry and Poets in Mauritania”, “History of Arabic Grammar in the East and the Maghreb”, “A Journey with Arabic Poetry” , and “Examples of the Aims of Ancient Chingiti Poetry.”

He also translated examples of French poetry into Arabic and put them in a book entitled “Translating Poems and Poets from France”. He has also written a book in French entitled “An Introduction to the History of Mauritanian Literature”.


In March last year, Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Cheikh Al-Ghazwani paid tribute to Dr. Mohamed El-Mokhtar Ould-Bah “for his efforts in the service of the Mauritanian state and its cultural and scientific heritage”, according to the announcement by the Minister of Islamic Affairs and Education, Al-Dah Ould Amar Taleb.

At the time, the minister said his father’s son, who “blended tradition and modernity, will remain a source of inspiration for the Chingiti shrine.” libraries with book masterpieces, and has had great footprints in this field.”

The deceased had dedicated himself at the beginning of the third millennium to academic work, so in 2006 he founded the Modern University of Chinguetti, which is considered the first university specialized in Islamic and social sciences in Mauritania, in terms of information and methodology.

Chinguetti Modern University aims to provide in-depth theoretical and applied training that stands out for its originality in content and innovation in the construction of curricula and in the methods and means of training and research.

The university also states that one of its goals is to train a generation of specialized intellectuals who, in addition to a solid background in Sharia science and the Arabic language, have the ability to communicate in foreign languages ​​and experience in the field of practice and promote scientific research, serving the Arab and Islamic culture in Mauritania and ensuring its irradiation in the regional and international environment, including authentic values ​​and high principles.


The deceased Zoual was transferred to the National Heart Disease Center yesterday, Saturday, following a sudden illness. Immediately after the announcement of the death, Health Minister Mokhtar Ould Dahi said he had examined the deceased while he was in treatment at the National Heart Disease Center in Nouakchott, under orders from President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El-Ghazouani to monitor him.

The minister wrote on Facebook: “I went to see him with the director of the Presidential Court, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, and with the director of the National Cardiology Center, appointed by the President of the Republic to verify his state of health and to consult with doctors and family members about what is needed”.

He added, “We were greeted with a bright face, and the president’s greeting was better than that, and he reassured us about his health.”

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