Doctors warn of the dangers of indiscriminate use of vitamins

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Medical specialists have warned of the dangers of random vitamin consumption, whether for adults or children, because a level in the body above the authorized limit can lead to intoxication, kidney failure or appearance of kidney stones, while it can lead to malformation of the fetus. for pregnant women, as some feel lethargic or transient health symptoms, so he directly resorts to taking vitamins as a therapeutic measure, without consulting a doctor or medical examinations, to be surprised in the end that he be exposed to serious health risks, as the result of the body obtaining excessive doses of certain vitamins.

In detail, Family and Community Medicine Specialist at Fakih University Hospital, Dr. Adel Sajwani said that vitamins are among the most important elements for a healthy and ideal body, pointing out that natural sources of vitamins are much better than industrial sources, such as pills, supplements and intravenous needles, which the body does not benefit from.

He pointed out that, according to international statistics, approximately three billion dollars are spent each year in the United States of America on vitamins and nutritional supplements, which the body does not benefit well from, and may present risks if the level of vitamins exceeds the allowable limit in the body.

He pointed out that there are two types of vitamins, one that dissolves in fat and the other that dissolves in water, the first is like vitamin D. If the body receives more than the normal limit , it is stored in fat, and it can cause kidney stones or kidney failure, and with respect to the type The second that dissolves in water, such as vitamin B, and when taken at doses exceeding the normal limit, is excreted in the urine and can cause health problems, such as headaches and body aches.

He said: “The solution is to avoid taking vitamins haphazardly and to ensure that healthy foods are eaten for both children and adults, and vitamins are not given except after consulting a doctor’s body as needed.

Community medicine specialist, official spokesperson for the Emirates Public Health Association, Dr Saif Darwish, warned against using vitamins without medical supervision, and said some people think they are safe, and this belief is one of the big mistakes they make, since their level in the body must not exceed certain limits, indicating that the safest source to obtain them is cereals, vegetables and meat, away from processed grains, which should not be taken unless it is confirmed that there is a deficiency in one of its types.

He said that the indiscriminate use of vitamins can lead to poisoning, due to the high percentage of specific vitamins over the allowable limit, due to their consumption from multiple sources, because some people resort to obtaining a specific type of vitamins from various sources. , which can cause life-threatening health problems.

He pointed out that giving vitamins to children without medical advice is one of the greatest risks that can threaten their lives, because a careful medical examination must be carried out to measure the level of vitamins and identify the type that has a deficiency, before take it at random. , emphasizing the need to give children their vitamin needs through sources.The natural variety of healthy foods.

Darwish advised practicing sports in addition to eating healthy foods, to achieve the optimal equation to provide the body with the necessary vitamins in specific proportions, since sports help the body to absorb them easily, with the need to diversify the sources of nutrition from meat, vegetables and fruits.

In turn, Dr. Hamda Khansaheb, deputy head of the family medicine division of the Emirates Medical Association, confirmed that vitamins are organic substances that the body obtains mainly from food, and that most of they come from food, and their indiscriminate consumption is a problem. big risk.

And she continued: “Certain vitamins can cause kidney stones if taken at high levels, such as vitamin (C), while a high level of vitamin (D) can cause an increase in calcium, while a high level of vitamin (A) for a pregnant woman can cause malformations in the fetus.” , emphasizing the need to ensure that the body needs it.

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Dr Hamda Khansaheb, vice president of the family medicine division of the Emirates Medical Association, stressed the need to consult a doctor, adults and children, before anyone decides to take or give their children any type of vitamins, since each type of vitamin has a required daily rate, which should not exceed this limit, underlining the need to obtain it from a healthy and balanced diet. She pointed out that certain groups need sources of synthetic vitamins, including those who are dependent on diets, and those who have a problem absorbing food from their stomach, and vegetarians.

Giving vitamins to children without medical advice is one of the greatest risks that can threaten their lives.

Vitamins that cause kidney stones, if taken at high levels, such as vitamin C.

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