Do you have an unhealthy relationship with sports?

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Over the past few years, social media has become filled with motivational videos about exercising and teaching the correct way to perform each movement. As soon as we browse the search engines, we are shown the detox juice method, the exercise that will transform your figure, enhance your abs in two weeks, and other dream solutions that make you think that they are permanent and rapid in this virtual world. Hence the signs that you have an unhealthy relationship with sports. “Madame” met with therapeutic and sports nutritionist, Arwa Bagkhiev, to deepen this subject.

Therapeutic specialist Arwa Bagkhev

Therapeutic specialist Arwa Bagkhaif:
Sport is a necessary and essential thing, but when we live in a society that puts us under the pressure of competition between us, the relationship with it becomes unhealthy.

The spread of obesity and the chronic diseases that lead to it is one of the most significant incentives to exercise properly, as more than 30% of people worldwide suffer from obesity – around 2.1 billion people, and the number is growing, so the need for good awareness has become urgent.

Sport is a necessary and essential thing, but when we live in a society that puts us under the pressure of competition between us, due to the dissemination of visual content around us, including photos and videos of professionals who boast of their mastery of advanced techniques, movements, body shape, size of their waist and muscles, it becomes very easy to be the audience, especially teenagers and younger people, are more likely to make a false and exaggerated image of the issue, so that their relationship with sport becomes unhealthy.

This short-sightedness leads to pushing yourself beyond your current limits and energy, which results in the lack of a significant gradation in matter, because of the pressure you put on your shoulders, which makes you prioritize exercise over all that is important in your life, such as your mind, personal growth, development, and hobbies, as well as your relationship with family and friends, and can achieve your goals and your principles.

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Recent and reliable studies have shown that exercise is a cure for many chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and even mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Top 6 red flags to watch out for!

  1. When you use exercise as a way to punish yourself for your unhealthy food choices. Burning calories is not the purpose of exercise at all, but rather one of the benefits you get from any exercise you do.
  2. To make the club more important to you than the people you love, and more important than your priorities that serve your purpose and mission in life. Are you willing to sacrifice your planned outing with your husband and kids just to hit the gym? If this is a natural decision for you, then you should review your priorities. It can help you prepare a blank white paper and write your name and message in the middle of it, then you write the branches, which represent your priorities and values, and set next to that simple daily practical steps which have short and long actions. term goals.
  3. Having a negative body image, where people who compare their body to the bodies of others – in an exaggerated way – fall victim to a poor body image, and this means that the person becomes dissatisfied with their outward appearance, and thus their confidence in him decreases and he exposes himself to problems and psychological complexes which can worsen if they persist And he has not been treated.
  4. Ignoring the method for forming healthy habits, and neglecting gradualism, thus adopting good habits so that they become learned and basic, is a skill that must be learned and mastered. If you are new to the world of sports, you should read James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” where he explains the right way to create a healthy habit in your life. And one of the most important steps is to master commitment and the art of gradualism, so that you start the activity you want to make a habit of in the shortest possible time, even five minutes, provided you Commit to doing it daily, so it becomes easy for you to then level up, gently, rather than starting with a lot of enthusiasm. At first, this rush loses its spark and shine, leaving you exhausted, tired and unable to commit.
  5. If you have a “no pain, no gain” mindset, you will discover how swollen and sore muscles a day or two after a workout can be very different from soreness. Feeling that the muscle is tight and swollen for a few days after exercise is normal, after which the adaptation process occurs and your body becomes more flexible than the last time you exercised. Plus, carrying high weights at your non-gradient fitness level and doing the technique incorrectly puts you at risk of injury that can harm your quality of life forever.
  6. Your sports results are low compared to your exercises If you exhaust yourself by training on the same muscle daily without any rest day in the week, you slow down the process of muscle recovery, you put yourself in a state of tension and instability, and you may lose the desire to sleep and eat. So how would you like to see a development? Resting, sleeping and eating are just as important as exercise.

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