Consequences of high prices.. Discounted products that harm the health of Egyptians.. Demands to prosecute those who sell “poison in honey”

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As markets experience rising prices due to external and internal factors, fears have grown that some weak-minded people are bringing poor quality products to market due to high local demand for certain products. , and stubbornly they sell these products at a price slightly lower than the prices of good products, which requires stricter control of the markets to avoid the infiltration of these products, which can be harmful to health. took steps to protect citizens from the price hike that followed the rise in the price of the dollar. At the head of this package is the release of certain goods held in ports as part of a plan to release all other goods. providing the necessary food products to the citizens, at low prices within the reach of Egyptians, almost at cost.

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The door of Al-Ahram opens the file of merchants in crisis who take advantage of the critical economic situation and offer adulterated products, at the same low price as that provided by the government to support the citizens. the House of Representatives and chambers of commerce who spoke at “Al-Ahram Gate” about guarantees that this would not happen, and mechanisms to protect citizens against “falsified” production chains that can be paid for by ” unscrupulous” crisis merchants who profit from Such conditions in society profit at the expense of the “neediest citizens”.

Crisis traders

The crisis traders, who start their illegal economy under such circumstances, infiltrate the citizens through this service provided to them by the government by supplying low-priced high-quality foodstuffs to the citizens at these low-priced foodstuffs, to mix them to original foodstuffs, Who protects them from this fraud?

Warning to the National Food Safety Authority

And while confirming the seriousness of certain phenomena in the market, a statement came from the National Food Safety Authority, published a few hours ago, to indicate that the expected danger is already present, because the authority announced that ‘in reference to what has recently been raised on social media regarding the names of mozzarella cheese modified with vegetable oils. In order to avoid confusion and mislead the consumer, and to distinguish between dairy products whose material natural fat has been partially or totally replaced by vegetable oils, I have agreed with the members of the Technical Committee for Dairy Products and Dairy Products formed by the various authorities concerned within the General Authority for Standardization and quality, and in accordance with international legislation regulating the naming of products, to use any of the following terms on dairy products co containing vegetable oils (similar or similar).

And that based on the above, the Egyptian Standard Specification No. 8445 of 2021 has been published for Cheese Analogue/Similar/Similar to Mozzarella Cheese, which has been officially approved by the Board of the General Authority Standardization and Quality and the Minister of Commerce and Industry, and anyone who breaches the Food Safety Authority’s binding regulations and standard specifications and their issued items. It is considered commercial fraud by the General Authority for Standardization and Quality and is held legally responsible for it.

The statement from the Food Safety Authority said that the principle of making dairy products is the use of dairy fat and low-fat or dairy-free products can be made whether in reducing or eliminating them in whole or in part, and the replacement of milk fat by vegetable oils and fats authorized for economic, manufacturing, health or nutritional reasons. Vegetable oils or fats used in the food industry are subject to requirements and standards that guarantee the safety of the food product.

In the interest of the National Food Safety Authority for consumer health and the safety and security of food products marketed in the markets, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Food Safety Authority has issued the n ° 19 of 2022 concerning the issuance of the binding rule for maximum limits of trans fatty acids in foods containing vegetable oils or fats entering into their composition in accordance with European legislation, which prohibits the circulation or use of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats in food processing.

In addition to setting maximum limits for trans fatty acids in foods so that they do not exceed 2 grams per 100 grams of the content of vegetable oils and fats in foods intended for direct consumption, the legislations also make it mandatory to write the saturated fat content and the percentage of trans fatty acids on the data sheet of the food product.

The National Food Safety Authority has warned that anyone who violates the binding regulations of the Food Safety Authority and the standard specifications and items issued by the General Authority for Standardization and Quality is considered commercial fraud and will be subject to it. legally held accountable.

في هذا السياق تقول، سلوى لطفي، عضو مجلس إدارة الغرفة التجارية بالجيزة، نحن نضمن سلامة المنتجات الغذائية التي نوفرها داخل المعارض الحكومية، ونشدد الرقابة عليها، أما التجار الآخرين، فنحتاج إلى تكثيف جهود الجهات الرقابية، المسئولة عن ضبط المتلاعبين منهم ممن يقدمون سلع غير consistent with the characteristics.

House Committee on Health

Dr Ashraf Hatem, Chairman of Parliament’s Health Committee, said that in addition to the government’s efforts to contain the current price crisis and support citizens by providing low-cost food products, we must step up the ministry’s efforts to provide inspectors on food products in the market, whether in process or for sale. Introduce it in the coming period, to protect Egyptians against adulterated products, and even increase the number of inspectors for these products.

The head of the House of Representatives Health Committee says ensuring the health of Egyptians against manipulation by crisis traders and that they do not fall into the clutches of food fraud is to intensify the number of campaigns at food outlets and to increase the number of inspectors in these outlets, during the current period.

Extensive campaigns to control merchants

Dr. Sherif Hetta, professor of public health, says that in such economic conditions, unfortunately, some small traders and distributors resort to commercial fraud and offer citizens unusable products in exchange for low prices.

The public health professor insists on the need to intensify campaigns at points of sale and manufacturing plants, taking samples of food products, and analyzing them periodically to ensure their safety and compliance with specifications quality.


In order to extract citizens from the circle of food misery, especially after the suspension of production needs in the ports – before the government intervened by freeing a large part of them under a release plan for all goods – as a result of high production costs after the October 27 exchange rate liberalization decision, the “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions began, two months before the deadline, according to the President’s directives Sissi, to control and reduce prices.

Government outlets

According to Salwa Lutfi, board member of Giza Chamber of Commerce, at ‘Al-Ahram Gate’, since its opening last Sunday, so far the ‘Welcome Ramadan’ exhibition has received more than 6,000 visitors. citizens who have found what they expected from all foodstuffs, since 176 “stands” cover all types of foodstuffs, at prices competitive with the market, with a reduction ranging from 20% to 25%, depending on the type of product.

low price

These products that the government provides to citizens, in addition to their low prices, are characterized by their safety in terms of quality and food safety. According to Salwa Lutfi: “The Chamber of Commerce deals with manufacturers, not with traders.” She added: “These manufacturers have all their paperwork related to licensing and food safety, and everything that guarantees the quality Producer, and in accordance with the directives of the government and the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Adel Nasser, we have strict controls for the security of the supply of goods.


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