Colon Hydrotherapy: Internal cleansing for improved health


An intestinal cleanse to purify and liberate the body

Colon hydrotherapy is also called colon hydrotherapyintestinal irrigation. It is a kind of intestinal enema that our ancestors performed in order to maintain cleanliness and impeccable iron health. Colon hydrotherapy now modern version From this enteric enema. It allows you to get rid of all the toxins stuck to the colon wall and restore some energy. This therapeutic method allows, well accompanied De-stress And get rid of that knotty feeling in the stomach.

Individual and helpful support

Colon hydrotherapy consists of eliminating Toxins, mucus and feces Locked in the intestines thanks to the introduction of purified water through the rectum at 37 degrees and gentle abdominal massage.

To benefit from a hydrotherapy session, it is necessary to resort to a Experienced practitioner. Although colon hydrotherapy is not considered a medical treatment, it is still a method that requires some experience and knowledge of the technique.

care in practice

Treatment consists of insertionPurified water at 37 degrees Through a cannula at the level of the rectum through a thin tube and the discharge of organic waste through a larger tube connected to the same cannula. The water remains at Comfortable and constant temperature Throughout the session thanks to a device that controls her access and evacuation.

This modern gastric enema is performed Closed circle So it is Odorless and painless.

The role of the practitioner

The practitioner, who monitors you throughout the treatment, adjusts the pressure, temperature, and amount of water emitted from the device. In addition to being at your service And gives you advice on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, he leads Gentle bowel massage. The latter helps support the effects of hydration by removing mucus and toxins from the intestinal walls. The practitioner remains attentive to your concerns and to you Helps to let go By giving you confidence.

A session with multiple health benefits

Colon hydrotherapy, even if it is a top-secret treatment method, remains a treatment rich in virtues for maintaining health. By carrying out such treatment, you provide yourself with a real cleansing of the body. Colon hydrotherapy removes both Physiological waste of psychological tensions. While bowel irrigation is practiced in medical institutes to treat constipation and other ailments, colon hydrotherapy is beneficial for many people. effective means of prevention.

You can do one session per month or one session per week, there is no real contraindication to doing this treatment on a regular basis. To guide you whether or not you need to perform such a session, the best way is to listen to your body.

the Colon cleanse Provides to your organization:

  • Digestive comfort
  • No bloating
  • gas discharge
  • Luminous complexion
  • Safaa
  • Better sleep.

Colon hydrotherapy too Useful and liberating From a relaxing body massage or a beauty treatment to an esthetician.

Digestive tract free

Colon hydrotherapy is still an effective treatment when you struggle with it Bloating, constipation or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Intestinal irrigation is still very beneficial if you suffer from:

  • Slow intestinal transit
  • chronic constipation;
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Abdominal congestion.

After a session, you feel lighter Your transit will resume on a regular basis. You will end the bloating and gas that daily affect your health.

Brighter complexion

Adherents of hydrotherapy express, after one or two sessions, that they find a Skin rejuvenation and one more complexion luminous And wonderful than before. Enteric irrigation acts on the skin as a Detox treatment. Colon hydrotherapy will help fight some skin aggressions such as:

  • eczema
  • young love;
  • psoriasis

In addition to getting rid of waste accumulated in the intestines, these are all body toxins Which seem to disappear thanks to this wonderful method.

Boosted immune system

Colon hydrotherapy will be a rejuvenating bath. By eliminating toxins, this treatment prevents the intestinal walls from becoming permeable and thus polluting the entire blood network.

By following an appropriate lifestyle and a balanced diet, you help maintain a favorable state of health. When you do a hydrotherapy session, you allow your body to do so Free from all toxins And somehow he gets all his energy back. This modern colon enema would be perfect Strengthening the immune system.

Comfortable sleeping

Colonic irrigation provides a Intestinal lightness. By making your digestive system lighter, you will notice an improvement in the quality of your sleep. Have you ever compared the quality of your sleep after eating a lot to that after eating a snack? The feeling is completely opposite. Colon hydrotherapy gives you a Better sleepbut also more ease of entry.

The gut is often considered our second brain. He feels emotions in his lair. Fear and stress block the gut and it’s not surprising to see a bloated belly or poor digestion when you’re in these feelings. By doing a colon hydrotherapy session, you will get a taste Relaxing effects From this way you will see your Emotions calm down. There are very few contraindications for colon hydrotherapy. So if there is any advice to share with you, it is to try the experience yourself and enjoy the benefits of this amazing treatment without fear!


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