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Alabasis refers to the bleaching of hair and body hair. It is not always related to age and sometimes it occurs early. In question: mainly genetics, and sometimes a health problem. Other less common factors have also been identified.

They are often associated with the passing of the years…but white hair also appears very early in a man’s or woman’s life, interspersed with blonde, brown and red hair colours. It is considered to have an early onset before the age of 30. If white hair is in vogue in terms of beauty, then the first hair bleaching can be very impressive, especially when it affects a child. Learn about the process involved in the appearance of the first gray hair, what hairstyle to adopt, what dye and products you prefer (shop cosmetics).

When melanocytes do not play their role

Canities, a term for hair or hair bleaching, sometimes develop from puberty says Dr. Pascal Regan, member of the French Society of Dermatology. And in rare cases, even earlier: some babies are born with their first gray hair – or several.

In the hair follicle, melanocytes normally produce melanin. The cells that make up hair (keratinocytes) take in this pigment as they grow. But in the case of early bacilli, we observe premature aging of melanocytes. It gradually disappears from the roots of the hair. This then grows white or gray, losing its usual colour.

This phenomenon diffusely affects all hair. It differs from vitiligo, which is an autoimmune disease characterized by the appearance of targeted white areas on the skin – and therefore on the hair and body hair (especially the beard).

“vulgar” deficiencies or symptoms?

Sometimes premature nerves worry parents. But more often than not, it is not associated with a health problem.

In question, genes, In 90% of cases, Dr. Pascal Regan estimates. When children have white hair, we generally find early defects in the mother or father. Research is ongoing to better understand this predisposition “.

for ” 5 to 10% of cases Other explanations for melanin deficiency should be sought during a doctor’s consultation: vitamin B12 deficiency (diet plays a role), copper or folic acid deficiency, adrenal insufficiency … Rarely, oral cancer also occurs as a side effect of drugs (antiepileptics or Synthetic antimalarials, for example.) We will notice rather diffuse gray hairs, while the agenetic cells give off a lighter white color and affect only a few hairs at first.

Finally, the origin of the affected person at an early age must also be taken into account. ” Some ethnic groups have gray hair earlier than others: Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans… Pascal Regan adds. On the other hand, men and women seem to be affected by this phenomenon in a similar way.

Tobacco involvement and stress

In addition to these well-defined causes, environmental factors are sometimes brought up when canes begin early.

Controversially, the role of tobacco in the disappearance of pigments has not been clearly defined. According to Dr. Pascal Regan, “ It is preferable to intervene in hair loss rather than bleaching “.

But stress, on the other hand, can stimulate or aggravate wounds, as the phrase “bringing gray hair” means. A study published in 2020 in particular showed that overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system leads to depletion of melanocyte stem cells. Hence, to the disappearance of melanocytes.

If they attack their colours, the stress also causes pigmented hair to fall out… The immune system turns against them, causing them to fall out. In salt and pepper hair, only the white hair remains. This “surprise boat” would have happened to Queen Marie Antoinette, in one night, before she ascended the scaffold. This sudden whitening is called the “Marie Antoinette syndrome.”

Lack of treatment against white hair

At the age of 20, at 25 … some young people decide to assume that there is this peculiarity in their hair or beard, and make it a beauty trend. Others find it more difficult to find beauty in this lack of color.

If your first gray hair is due to a health problem (such as insufficiency or adrenal insufficiency), this needs to be diagnosed quickly and taken care of. Unfortunately, there is still no treatment against bacilli of genetic origin, which would allow the reproduction of melanin from the root.

The researchers attempted to introduce precursors of melanogenesis, but were unsuccessful. Similarly, nutritional supplements and peptides have been developed and marketed to treat white hair, but Dr. Pascal Regan is aware of their very limited effectiveness.

If people with premature canes so desire, dyeing/coloring at home or in a hair salon, with proper care, can hide the white hair. But beware of some coloring products that can cause allergic reactions in children. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser and/or dermatologist for advice and advice, especially for younger children. As for plucking hair in the hope of not seeing it again, the specialist advises against doing so: This is not a solution: it will grow back! Without doubling, as a tenacious legend tells us…


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