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The urine analyzer, which is unique in the world, will allow users to balance their nutritional and women’s health to improve their menstrual cycle.

After four years of research and development, Withings, the world leader in connected health, is proud to introduce U-Scan, a revolutionary at-home urinalysis platform. U-Scan, one of the company’s most technologically advanced wearable devices to date, is a miniature hygiene lab that fits hygienically into any toilet.[1] To access the health data found in daily urine. U-Scan has already been recognized by the Consumer Technology Association as the winner of the CES 2023 Innovation Award in three categories: smart home, fitness, sports, and digital health.

With more than 3,000 metabolites present, urine is an extraordinary indicator for assessing and monitoring health. It provides immediate insight into an individual’s metabolism and is integral to tracking and discovering a wealth of health information. While humans urinate on average 7 times a day, urinalysis is generally only done once a year, in a laboratory. U-Scan aims to democratize this by allowing users to perform vital signs analyzes from the comfort and privacy of home.

Revolutionizing daily health monitoring, the U-Scan is designed as a modular platform consisting of a pebble-shaped reader with interchangeable scanning cartridges that assess specific vital signs without the need for sampling or handling of urine dipsticks. By automatically syncing with the Health Mate app, it provides a wealth of actionable insights based on your daily measurement.

Initially, U-Scan will be available in Europe with two cartridges to the general public: U-Scan Cycle Sync To monitor and synchronize a woman’s menstrual cycle (ie, cycle synchronization), and U-Scan Feed ScaleAn in-depth guide to metabolism hydration and nutrition.

In addition, Withings Health Solutions, the B2B division of Withings that serves the healthcare professional market, is making this technology available to them for research purposes.

U-Scan’s ability to perform daily at-home urinalysis is perfectly consistent with WITHINGS’ mission: to help users access an unprecedented level of health data through repeated measurements.says Matteo Litumbi, CEO of Withings. It’s one of the most exciting and complex products we’ve ever announced. We’re starting this health revolution with U-Scan Cycle Sync and Nutri Balance. We look forward to announcing new test cartridges and new clinical applications that this unique technology will enable.

Easy as pie : How it works ?

Easy to use, U-Scan overcomes countless technical and chemical challenges. Developed with experts in in vitro diagnostics as well as medical professionals in urology, nephrology, and gynecology, it required four years of research and development and resulted in 13 patent families being filed. As a complete system, U-Scan performs three main actions:

1) Automated and streamlined data capture with an advanced toilet-mounted reader

With a diameter of only 90mm, the rechargeable U-Scan reader is designed to distinguish between external fluid and urine to automatically collect samples for analysis. Urine flows efficiently to the collection point with its patented pebble-like design. The pump is activated when the thermal sensor detects the presence of urine, which initiates the liquid delivery of a sample through the microfluidic circuit.

After collection, the urine sample is injected into a test capsule where the chemical reaction is read by an optical sensor. At the end of each measurement, the circle returns to its initial position and the remaining liquid is purged. The system is then automatically cleaned with each flush.

U-Scan identifies its user through the Broadcast ID function. Low-power radar sensors embedded in the reader measure multiple variables to determine an individual’s unique urine stream signature, detecting its velocity, distance and dispersion. Credentials confirmed in the application.

2) Vital sign analyzes in a miniature urine lab that adapts to every use case

The U-Scan Rotary Drum Cartridge is a small chemical assessment chamber that contains dozens of miniature test capsules that provide reliable results.

When the reader deposits the sample at the point of injection, U-Scan begins chemical analysis within moments. Results transmit automatically over Wi-Fi, then you rotate the cartridge to reveal the next test capsule at the injection site. Each cartridge is designed to provide 3 months of measurements[2].

The modular system was specifically designed to allow Withings to develop analysis of biomarkers associated with various medical and health conditions in the future. Combined with measurements from the Withings ecosystem, the U-Scan will provide more information to users and is an essential tool to help prevent disease and improve quality of life while reducing healthcare costs.

3) Scientific and actionable advice

Withings Health Mate will provide results, actionable insights and advice designed to help users build healthy habits and improve their well-being. U-Scan Cycle Sync results will appear in the app, making it a central place for cycle tracking, training and a comprehensive symptom diary. It will display menstrual cycle predictions and determine the ovulation window based on hormone sensing as well as biomarkers of hydration and nutrition, sex drive and pH levels to help women optimize at all stages of their cycle. Complete information about U-Scan Cycle Sync can be found here.

The U-Scan Nutri Balance app will display an analysis of your Specific Gravity, pH, Vitamin C, and Ketone levels. It will help users monitor their metabolic intake to improve their daily hydration and nutrients. In addition to displaying results such as energy metabolism and pH levels, he will recommend exercises, nutritional information, and recipes to achieve the goals set. Complete information on U-Scan Nutri Balance is available here.


U-Scan will be available for the first time in Europe from Q2 2023 with Nutri Balance and Cycle Sync consumer cartridges[3]. Users will be able to purchase the U-Scan Starter Kit for €499.95 and will receive a U-Scan reader as well as a cartridge covering 3 months of measurement; They can then sign up to automatically receive a refill once the cartridge runs out, or purchase a cartridge directly at withings.com. Future U-Scan medical cartridges will be available when regulatory approvals are validated in Europe. U-Scan is not for sale in the United States but is currently in development and plans to be available in the future after FDA clearance.

About Withings

Established in 2008, WITHINGS is the leading European company in the field of connected health. Formed by teams of engineers, data science experts, and health professionals, WITHINGS creates powerful daily health monitors, built into design and everyday use objects and equipped with tip technology capable of tracking over 20 different parameters. Used by millions of people around the world, WITHINGS smartwatches, blood pressure monitors, sleep sensors and scales help individuals take back control of their health, prevent and monitor chronic disease, and detect underdiagnosed conditions.

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