Beauty institutes are reinventing themselves to be more inclusive


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    Have you ever felt uncomfortable entering a beauty salon? It is a strange concept if we consider that it is above all synonymous with relaxation and luxury, but very real for those who do not fit into the boxes. A problem faced by a handful of entrepreneurs bent on breaking the rules and making luxury affordable.

    Going to the beauty salon to enjoy a massage, facial or massage is undoubtedly a harmless gesture and indeed one of the most pleasant things for most people. But it can be especially complicated for those who have a health problem, have some form of disability, have skin problems, or simply don’t meet these famous beauty standards, which, if undermined for several years, lead to a difficult life. .

    Conventional beauty institutes don’t pre-close the door on those who don’t fit into the boxes, but a look at this or that idiosyncrasy can turn the luxury arc into an awkward moment. If not, it is clear that the care provided does not always meet everyone’s needs. While the fashion and beauty sectors are currently changing, and commitments are multiplying to become more inclusive, the institutes seem to be lagging behind in this area. Something that new actors are trying to overcome with institutions designed and open to people who do not meet the standards imposed by society.

    Comprehensive places to listen

    Inclusivity isn’t just about weight, body type, gender, or sexuality. Skin color, culture, origin, disease, age, and disability are also among the characteristics that lead to alienation of the persons concerned. And in the cosmetic sector, it could relate to a woman who chose not to wax anymore, or an individual whose body carries scars. So many examples that prevent some people from enjoying a moment of relaxation, but it has prompted a couple, Laurent and Sophie, to open the doors of a new kind of institute of beauty and luxury: Dulcenae.

    This establishment is located in the heart of Paris, in the 9th arrondissement, and is open to all, whatever their needs, privacy or desires. First in the world of professional care. Estheticians with degrees in social aesthetics welcome, listen and care for men and women to meet the needs of every body and all skin types. Designed as an apartment, the institute has a classic card, for having treatments, massages and epilations as in many establishments, and customized because each of these treatments is catered for according to individual needs. Physical disability, cancer, unique skin, masculine beauty … Everything has been thought of to make luxury accessible to as many people as possible.

    Here, treatments take into account the specificity of the body, pledging to consider individual concerns and moods as much as skin conditions. Nothing preconceived. Treatment protocols are imagined with and around the client. A gesture is not repeated from person to person. Every client has his storyYou could read the preamble on the Dulcenae website.

    For his part, in order to fight the exclusion of the LGBTI community, Yann founded Maison Bergamote, an institute located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. On the same principle, it is about making beauty and luxury accessible to all. in “distance [son] apartmentt”, as he himself states on the institute’s presentation page, Yan also pays special attention to the needs, wants, and bodies of all his clients, whoever they may be, through massages and treatments, as well as exploratory workshops.

    I suggest a space as free as possible from systems of compulsion that fester in a self-care environment. I do my best to fight inside Maison Bergamote against sexism, homophobia, homophobia, heterophobia, fatophobia, racism, validity, classism, and appearance.“Professionals rarely exercise the free rate ‘in order to make self-care possible to as many as possible,’” he says on the foundation’s website.

    Beauty with the masculine

    Now determined to free themselves from the laws of manhood, men have also long been excluded from beauty salons. This does not mean that they were not accepted there, but that their presence was not as harmful as it ought to have been, or that the care was not necessarily appropriate to their special needs. Make-up, hairdressing, massage, waxing, body and facial care, slimming, tanning, etc. Beauty salons are gradually opening their doors to men, while establishments dedicated entirely to these gentlemen are spreading everywhere in France. A way to change again the famous social norms that until then had put some people off the idea of ​​taking advantage of this welfare arc.

    BG Factory, Comptoir de l’Homme, Cercle Delacre or Institut Booster are among the many establishments dedicated to men now, some of which, it should be noted, opened their doors many years ago. An ever-growing offer, much more than the aforementioned one, which is gradually pushing traditional institutes to open up to male beauties. And if there’s still progress to be made in this area, it’s clear that these actors and activists are helping to open the way for a more inclusive beauty.


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