Awareness and food culture are on the rise. Families follow healthy habits that protect them from disease

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Awareness of food culture has increased lately; Where many have started adopting healthy eating methods as a permanent way of life, especially for those who feel that certain foods are no longer suitable for them and causing them health problems.

The Corona pandemic has also helped to raise the awareness of many people who want to obtain a healthy and balanced diet about nutrition, especially after experts and specialists have confirmed the relationship between device safety immune And his strength and a healthy lifestyle.

The nutritional consultations available have raised awareness on how to eat healthy and balanced foods, and have increased the food culture of many people who have been able to find a healthy lifestyle that has had a positive impact on them.

Finding healthy food and making it a way of life for herself and her family members is what Laila Ismail seeks, who tries to find healthy alternatives in her family’s diet and is keen to include balanced meals. for them.

Indeed, Ismail is well aware that the diet she and her family will follow will be protection against diseases, strengthening the immune system and resistance to seasonal diseases, as well as keeping weight away from harmful obesity.

Awareness of the need to introduce food ingredients that are integrated and contain vegetables, meat, dairy products and other foods with high nutritional value has become a goal for many.

Nutritionist and expert in dietetics, Dr. Ruba Al-Abbasi, in turn, points out that most people have become aware of eating meals, trying to follow a healthy lifestyle as much as possible and looking for food alternatives with other things in light of the high rate of obesity in the world and the spread of modern diseases.

Al-Abbasi pointed out that recently people have become more knowledgeable about healthy diets and nutrition education and have a greater capacity for application, but with this awareness comes a lack of time which prevents many to adopt healthy eating habits.

Al-Abbasi believes that time is an obstacle and plays an important role in preparing healthy meals for family members, so management must be added to this awareness so that the individual can manage the diet of his family and give the children a justification for using this system and the reason to use healthy alternatives so that it becomes a model for their lives and to avoid the use of fast food As a kind of reward for children in order that they don’t consider it the best thing they have.

Regarding the use of carbohydrate-free diets, Al-Abbasi points out the danger of completely boycotting carbohydrates while dieting, as it is an essential source of energy for the body in any diet, from so that the share of carbohydrates in the diet is not less than 40% at least, and prevent the body from pushing them to carry out alternative metabolism so that it can provide alternative energy, especially blood cells and the nerves for which glucose is the only source of energy, and therefore it cannot be completely expended on the program.

Regarding gluten sensitivity and the complete abstinence of some, Al-Abbasi points out that consuming gluten protein incorrectly and in large quantities causes some people to have allergies and digestive problems, and one common mistakes is to completely exclude it from the diet without medical need for it.

In order to make healthy eating habits a way of life for children, Al-Abbasi stresses the need to increase the percentage of fiber in their diet by eating more cooked vegetables.

“A lot of children tend to eat only rice, and that’s a mistake,” says Al-Abbasi.

In addition, “it is necessary to diversify as much as possible in the diet and not to make carbohydrates the only source of energy”, in addition to introducing fruit as the main meal at a specific time, nuts of all kinds, and choose alternatives to sweets. such as granola, oats and dried fruits as an alternative to common sweets, so they participate in their preparation and feel a kind of activity.

Al-Abbasi emphasizes the importance of drinking plenty of water, which greatly helps in burning carbohydrates, especially at breakfast, as well as the movement of children inside or outside the house. so that it continues to be part of their way of life.

The former rapporteur of the Nutrition and Food Processing Division of the Union of Engineers, a nutritionist, Engineer Amer Abu Namous, stresses the importance of replacing “chicken or meat stock cubes”, and it is one of the priorities of food alternatives that must be started because they contain high levels of harmful compounds and substances, such as; Animal fats, hydrogenated oils, monosodium glutamate (Chinese salt), additives and food improvers that cause damage to health, such as lack of concentration and Alzheimer’s disease, as proven by numerous international studies which have confirmed that they contain carcinogens.

Namos adds, “The distinctive taste that these tablets add to food is the main reason many people become addicted to them, which has increased the need to seek out a healthy food alternative with the same taste as bouillon cubes.”

He stresses the importance of “relying on pulses such as carrots, celery, onions and garlic, in addition to a group of natural spices”, emphasizing the need to be careful to obtain healthy alternatives without fats, cholesterol, preservatives and colorings, especially those that do not contain sodium glutamate China salt, which is not suitable for patients with wheat allergies.

Abu Namous food substitute is known as a natural, unprocessed substance because it is safe and healthy and leaves no side effects. It is also a drastic solution to avoid fat and cholesterol.

Abou Namous also calls for the cessation of the use of white peeled flour, which enters into all food ingredients and causes many damages to health, pointing out, through his practical experience, that most of the diseases from which people are due to their great appetite for white flour. It shows that the consumption of white flour is the cause of obesity, type 2 diabetes, wheat allergy, as well as intestinal adhesions, irritable bowel syndrome and other diseases that it causes, because it does not contain fibers and minerals lost during its manufacture.

He adds that a person should eat 35 grams of fiber a day, which is the amount that can be obtained from whole wheat, barley, fruits and leafy vegetables, but the diet followed by many people avoids eat adequate amounts of these foods.

Namus confirms that barley is the first food in the human nutritional system and also a happy food, because it is an antidepressant food and contains antioxidants that boost immunity and is suitable for children and adults.It is also a solution radical to solve the problems of constipation and irritable bowel.

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