Anytime Fitness aims to have 200 gyms in 2030 and lands in Andorra


Anytime fitness is accelerating. The US gym chain plans to reach 200 operating gyms in 2030, which means opening 160 in the next seven years, Tim Devereaux, general manager of the subsidiary in Spain, explained to Palco23. By 2023, the chain plans to open ten centers in Spain after reaching 40 centers of operations this month.

Specifically, in the first quarter of the year it will open two centers in Mallorca and in May it will open one in Parc de l’Aigua (Lleida). He is also looking for places to work in Barcelona and Malaga.

the The company plans to land in Andorra, where it plans to operate a maximum of two gyms in the country of the Pyrenees. Likewise, the chain plans to open another center of its own as part of its long-term expansion plan, in Andalusia or Madrid.

Anytime Fitness, which has more than 250 employees among all its gyms, estimates that it will surpass 40,000 members in Spain in 2023. The chain closed fiscal year 2022, with a 15% increase in its subscribers, with an average of 826 members per center. .

According to Devereaux, the company, which did not announce the volume of turnover generated in 2022 or forecasts for 2023, has exceeded pre-pandemic levels according to the club.

As shown by subsidiary Anytime Fitness Spain in its annual accounts filed with the Mercantile Registry, the net increase in turnover was 10.7%. If this figure were transferred to the company as a whole, the company would have generated a turnover of €23 million in the Spanish market in 2021, while it would have exceeded the pre-Covid levels of 2022. In 2019, with 59 positions, its turnover of 26 million euros.

In order to continue to grow, the company will strengthen the sales force and He will bet on more corporate clubs in Madrid, Valencia or Andalusia, With the aim of “growing in areas where there is no brand awareness and providing support to franchisees in the region”. “It is a model that has worked very well in the Japanese market,” the manager elaborates.

Regarding Self Esteem Brands, Owner of the Company, such as Waxing the City, Basecamp Fitness, or The Bar Method, Deveraux Do not think that it is landing in the country in the short and medium termuntil the model is standardized.

Anytime Fitness was born in Minnesota, where it is headquartered, and where founders Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon spearheaded this venture that has already spanned five continents. The company makes about 400 openings a year, adding nearly 5,000 operating units in nineteen years.


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