All about the sweet potato diet. An effective carbohydrate alternative for weight loss

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Sweet potato diet to get rid of excess weight and get a quick result in a specific time, while knowing the most important health effects and paying attention to them.

The sweet potato diet aims to lose weight by relying on it as an alternative to carbohydrates, with the addition of some vegetables, fruits and protein from limited sources, and sweet potatoes remain the main food source, and therefore cannot be considered as one of the diets that can be followed for long periods of time due to the negative effect on health resulting from depriving the body of the various nutrients it needs.

sweet potato diet

It is not surprising that many follow the sweet potato diet, although it is a sweet tasting carbohydrate, but it is also a nutrient dense complex carbohydrate, as it contains dietary fiber because 72% of sweet potato fruit is water, and it is also an important source of vitamin A, manganese, vitamin C and vitamin C. B6 and potassium, and it is considered low in fat and in calories, reaching 85 tractor calories per medium-sized fruit.

Steps to Follow the Sweet Potato Diet

Sweet potatoes provide a feeling of satiety that lasts for a long time, and sweet potatoes are considered the main source of food for many people around the world, and they can be cooked with other vegetables, or boiled and grilled for healthy eating. with additions. of cheese or eggs, and in the sweet potato diet, there are a number of things that spell out the steps, including:

  • Replace all types of carbohydrates with sweet potatoes, that is, stop eating potatoes, bread, sugar and sweets, and keep sweet potatoes which provide the body with the necessary energy.
  • Count on sweet potatoes as your staple for a week (some experts recommend two weeks).
  • Sweet potatoes can be eaten without peeling them to benefit from all their nutrients, but they must be washed well.
  • Add vegetables and eggs as a source of protein and other vitamins.
  • Coffee, tea and herbal drinks can be consumed without adding sugar or anything else.
  • Drink all amounts of water per day, not less than 8 cups.
  • Simple exercise, such as walking or light jogging, and staying away from vigorous sports that require sufficient amounts of protein are not available in the sweet potato diet.
  • Stop consuming soft drinks and energy drinks.
  • Sweet potatoes can be eaten boiled, roasted or mashed, without frying them in oil or using oils or fats to prepare them.

It should be noted that the sweet potato diet may not be suitable for many people, whether they are people with chronic conditions such as diabetes or kidney stones, and diets that depend on an element food are considered unhealthy because the body has different needs. elements to obtain On the necessary energy and the capacity to continue, it is therefore preferable not to follow it for more than 3 to 7 days at the most.

Baked potato diet

This diet cannot last more than 3 days. It is based on the consumption of sweet potatoes and fresh vegetables only. Coffee, tea and herbal drinks can be added without adding sugar. Therefore, the sweet potato diet is used for a specific period, and it often consists of:


  • Sweet potato mash.
  • Herbal drink, coffee or tea without added sugar.
  • Fruit of a fruit.


  • Sliced ​​baked potato.
  • Fresh vegetables (cucumbers or carrots).
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs or a piece of lightly salted cheese.

Having dinner

  • A cup of fat-free yogurt.
  • Fruit of a fruit.
  • You can eat nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits or vegetables.

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My experience with the sweet potato diet

Often, with the emergence of any diet that can help in weight loss, many people accept it, and from the experiences of the sweet potato diet, which is considered one of the hard diets on which it is not easy to count for long periods of time, we note that it is not possible to continue eating sweet potatoes for more than 3 days so that the person does not feel weak and delirious.

Sweet potatoes are a better choice than potatoes in the diet because they don’t raise blood sugar and they have a sweet taste that makes them easy to eat because they’re high in fiber and don’t cause problems of stomach. potato diet experimenters ate them on their own with no added nutrients, others added only liquids and water, while others worked on adding vegetables and protein sources .

Experiments indicate that you can get rid of 5-10 kilograms per week by following the sweet potato diet, but it was clear that it could not last long, and a specialist should be consulted in case of sudden fatigue or emergency health problems. .

Potato and milk diet

The sweet potato and milk diet is another way to get rid of excess weight in a short time, and one of its benefits may be the ability to get more of other beneficial nutrients than the milk brings to the body, such as: calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

The sweet potato and milk diet is applied by eating either when you feel full, without adding any other ingredients or foods, and therefore you should not rely on this diet for longer than 5 days, so as not to cause undesirable health complications. Whether it’s delirium or weakness and fatigue, you should also see a doctor to make sure the sweet potato diet is right for you.

Sweet potato modus operandi and its benefits

Calories in Baked Sweet Potato

A sweet potato, which can be estimated at 100 grams, can contain 90 calories, while roasting sweet potatoes can make it contain between 45 and 67 calories.

Do sweet potatoes gain weight

Sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates, which are said to increase weight, but the nutrients in one medium-sized sweet potato indicate that they contain 20 grams of carbohydrates and 0.15 grams of fat, which means that ‘they are low in fats which cause weight gain, while they can be eaten in excess and with additions of chocolate, cheese or high fat foods can lead to weight gain.

Modus operandi of the sweet potato diet

In order to prepare sweet potato fruits for healthy eating, you can work on:

  • Wash the potatoes well.
  • Cut it into slices.
  • Place it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper to make it easier to ripen. (Some add a teaspoon of olive oil to it).
  • Enter the oven at 120 degrees Celsius until fully cooked.
  • Spices can be added or eaten with sautéed or fresh vegetables.

Benefits of Roasted Potatoes for Weight Loss

According to many considerations related to the adequacy of the sweet potato diet for your state of health, or its effectiveness in getting rid of excess weight, you have Sweet potatoes have many health benefits What promotes its consumption, some of which are linked to weight loss and others linked to general health, including:

  • Sweet potatoes maintain and regulate blood sugar.
  • Learn how to improve the functioning of the immune system in the body.
  • It gives a feeling of satiety for long periods and works to reduce fat cells.
  • It contains few calories and less than potatoes, but it is able to provide the body with the necessary energy.
  • Promote digestive health, improve intestinal transit.
  • Containing sweet potatoes with a high percentage of fiber contributes to cellular hydration and activates the metabolism process.
  • It contains a high percentage of vitamin A, which helps support eye health.
  • Reduce the risk of stomach and breast cancer.

When are sweet potatoes harmful?

Relying on the sweet potato diet or other harsh diets requires ensuring the overall health of the body and the need for the person to be healthy and not suffer from any problems or chronic illnesses that can be exacerbated by diet. , the damage of the sweet potato diet appears in:

  • The body craves many nutrients, which makes it in a state of fatigue.
  • After completing the sweet potato diet, the possibility of gaining weight due to food cravings increases even more.
  • Not suitable for people with kidney disease due to the possibility of increased calcium oxalate leading to stone formation.

Sweet potato substitute in food

Finally, it is possible to replace potatoes with sweet potatoes in this diet, because they belong to the same type of vegetables and their nutrients are close, and nutrition experts suggest trying carrots as an alternative, but it is certain that a specialist doctor should be consulted before following any diet such as the sweet potato diet which is It is expected to have a negative effect on health, with the need for its application not to exceed 3 to 5 days only.


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