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Chemotherapy and radiotherapy thin and dry the skin of women treated for breast cancer. What is your advice for prevention? post treatment? What creams to moisturize the skin? Professional advice.

Breast cancer and its treatment methods Multiple side effects on the skin. Dryness, brittleness, redness … It is possible to prevent it and relieve these symptoms Follow the advice of health professionals. In October 2020, wellness lab He opened his doors at the American Hospital in Paris and provides care for breast cancer patients. Anais Barbotin, nurse coordinator and Muriel Limousin, social esthetician, share Solutions to support these women.

What are the consequences of cancer treatments on the skin?

Breast cancer and treatments (chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, etc.) cause side effects on the skin. This is the one weaken and dry up and gifts Tightness, redness and itching. They are also more sensitive to the sun, as chemotherapy is photosensitizing. Exposing yourself to the sun while undergoing chemotherapy can cause irreversible skin pigmentation (staining).says Anais Barbotin, a coordinating nurse in the oncology department at the American Hospital Paris. The surgery causes a scar at chest level. Surgery and a scar, even if it is not very noticeable, changes the integrity, image and Self-confidence to the patient. “Hand-foot syndrome It is another side effect of breast cancer and its treatments. affiliate Severe redness and irritation may appear on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and toes and fingers“Nurse. Chemotherapy is the origin of a An inflammatory reaction in the hands and feet Which can cause redness, pain and tingling in the extremities that can reach peeling of the skin.

“The foundation really Mention all these unwanted effects upstream from treatment. Informing the patient will enable her to apply our advice in order to prevent and delay the effects of chemotherapy. This is why it is essential to be informed in advance.” Supports Anaïs Barbotin. “Breast cancer is Disorders at all levels in a woman’s life The nurse notes. The nurse coordinator is the first link between the patient and other care professionals. “I accompany them from start to finish. First, I see the patient to explain Treatments and side effects. Then she meets several professionals including a social estheticianAnaïs Barbotin explains. It is possible to prevent and reduce the side effects of treatments on the skin by adopting your habits.

► the atypical measurement It is the first key to preventing side effects on the skin. “Patients must use it Leather cleaners Without soap, sugars, like laundry oilss” recommends Muriel Limousin, a social esthetician.It is recommended to take showers instead of baths, At about 37 degrees instead of 38 or 39 degrees. It is also recommended to use your hands instead of a glove to wash and dry your body or face. Pat with a soft cotton towelwithout rubbingadds the expert. dermatological cosmetics brand Ozalys, For example, it offers hygiene, face and body care products that are suitable for people with cancer.

► It comes after hygiene wettingnecessary for these patients. “We moisturize our skin Daily with anti-allergic cream Without perfume. We’re turning to moisturizing, emollient products from dermatological beauty brands, rather than going to the drugstore. Not forgetting to moisturize the neck and chest. Morel Limousin recommends.

► Playback Protect your skin from the sun. “It is very important that Do not expose yourself to ultraviolet light And cover yourself with complete protection (clothing, hat, etc.). The sun can cause skin pigmentation. So we protect ourselves, even when it’s cloudyIt repeats the social aesthetic.

How to re-moisturize the skin after cancer treatments?

After a mastectomy, the patient sees A More or less aesthetic scar touch his chest. “I advise them to apply a healing product A month after the operation and Scar massage Daily. Gently roll the skin. Healing creams should be enriched with active repairing ingredients, Vitamin C and EAbove all, don’t expose your skin to the sun, recommends Muriel Limousin. A social esthetician also recommends A course of zinc-rich food supplements. To avoid skin irritation, we turn to Specialized underwear Non-wired bras. “To prevent hand-foot syndrome, it is recommended to wear The right shoes and the gloves In the case of manual labor (DIY, gardening) or when using household productsnotes the coordinating nurse. Hydrotherapy should be continued with skin cleansers and hypoallergenic creams for at least 3 months after stopping treatment.

What creams should be applied to your skin after cancer?

The creams that are best used after cancer treatment are those from Dermatological brands based on Thermal water (Example : Avene, La Roche-Posay) because this water has benefits (anti-inflammatory, therapeutic, soothing). Other labs also make formulations that are well tolerated, oftentimes Fragrance and irritant free Like the SVR Labs or Bioderma for example” advises Laura Fonteino, MD, a pharmacist. Among the creams that are well tolerated, soothing for sensitive skin, with good hydration for dry and healing skin:

  • tolerance ranges, Xeracalm + Cicalfate from Avène
  • krillin ranges, Atoderm + Cicapio from Bioderma
  • tolerian ranges, Lipikar + Cicaplast from La Roche-Posay
  • Sensifin ranges, Topialyse + Cicavit from SVR

Comptoir de vie also includes skin care brands for women with cancer. Among them:

  • Lipogel repairing and soothing cream for sensitive skin VEA brand
  • Brand body cream MeMe cosmetics
  • Precious Care – Moisturizing Face Cream Day and Night Ozalys brand
  • PurMasque Hydrating Mask Dermatherm brand

Thanks to Anaïs Barbotin, coordinating nurse and to Muriel Limosin, social esthetician, from the oncology department specializing in breast cancer at the American Hospital of Paris and to Laura Fonteneau, MD.


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