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Proper breathing keeps us in the present moment, improves our focus, and is a way to help release anxiety and stress and overcome daily challenges. Poor breathing often causes diseases such as diseases of the rib cage and diaphragm.

The nose was created to support the respiratory system, as it filters allergens and foreign bodies, prevents them from entering the lungs, and adds moisture and warmth to inhaled air, while mouth breathing causes many problems, such as sleep disorders, dental and throat cavities. pain. But when we breathe unconsciously, we lose all the benefits and benefits of breathing. Mindful breathing restores balance to the body, promotes healthy digestion, boosts immunity, and lowers levels of the hormone cortisol, helping to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Technology has provided us with wonderful and easy opportunities to learn proper breathing and incorporate it into our normal day, and there are many different breathing apps that are suitable for all types of phones, here are the most important ones. between them :


It is an integrated platform to assist and train correct breathing in a fun and effective way. It contains more than 500 breathing lessons taught by a group of the best breathing specialists, which helps to master different types of breathing techniques in audio and video. The app also includes a variety of music, soothing and natural sounds.

Here is the Android app link and iOS app link.

Some apps help with proper breathing and contain exercises that help to relax (Shutterstock)


One of the most popular applications that help with correct breathing, and the application also contains exercises that help to relax, in addition to stories that help sleep with the voices of some famous people.

The app can track basic user stats, such as number of days, breathing minutes, and number of sessions. The app also tracks the user’s mood over time and contains different nature sounds that promote calm. The app has been downloaded over 100 million times.

iOS app link.

I breathe

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use application, this application will be your first choice. This app reduces confusion during use with its thoughtful design.

Whether you are looking for breathing methods to combat anxiety or sleep disorders, this application will be suitable for deep breathing exercises as it includes a wide range of predefined exercises dedicated to eliminating each problem, in addition to lessons that introduce the user to the benefits and importance of deep breathing.

iOS app link.

My life

The application is a powerful personal directory that can be programmed based on basic information entered by each user. Breathing sessions on the app begin with a short 10 second duration, then the user is asked about how they feel emotionally and physically, with more than one option to click on, then a list of meditation methods of varying duration, starting from 3 minutes and reaching much more.

The application offers different activities, including breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and it’s a good way to listen to our feelings and our body without getting bored, depending on our mood, and it also measures our progress daily to encourage us to be more efficient.

Android app link.

Breath of Prana

The app is an ideal choice for those looking for breathing methods that help improve cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory and concentration, as the exercises in it adjust a person’s vitality while throughout the day and help improve the quality of sleep. The app provides health checkups to assess each user’s progress and notifications that allow the user to arrange a schedule to suit their needs, and also provides accurate and detailed statistics for all user activities .

Here is the link to the app on Android and the link to the app on Huawei.

Mindful breathing helps improve cognitive skills such as attention, memory and concentration (Shutterstock)

just be

This application has a simple and elegant interface that allows the user to enjoy breathing, deep relaxation, stress relief and all the benefits of breathing and meditation without any prior experience.

The application contains voice guidance that guides the user step by step and helps him choose the appropriate meditation and breathing time for him, with or without music, or with nature sounds; It’s up to everyone to find what suits them to relax deeply and live in the present moment.

The link to the Android app is here, and this is the link to the iOS app.

Simple breathing and breathing trainer

This application is recommended by healers, it helps in daily meditation and relaxation, because this application allows you to see the movement of your inhalation and exhalation, and if you want to close your eyes, you can change the settings of vibration so you know the right time to move from inhale to exhale.

The app contains guided sessions lasting up to an hour, in addition to free sessions for those who prefer it, but all sessions are aimed at fostering a feeling of extreme relaxation in the mind and body.

iOS app link.








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