6 tips for not leaving the gym in February, according to a fitness trainer


From the creators of “The Second Friday of January 80% of People Give Up on a New Year’s Resolution to Practice” Comes “February, the Month of Gym dropoutsA question of motivation. Losing it is very easy, keeping it and something more obligatory. In a society where duty is losing more and more ground, we suggest you do swear on yourself Not giving up the precious habit of exercising. To keep up the great workout, we rely on 6 tips from Sara Alvarez, co-founder and creator of the Reto48 method.

6 tips for not leaving the gym

  1. Experiment with the error until you find what you like best. “It is imperative that you find an activity or regimen that you feel comfortable with, that you love and that motivates you,” Alvarez says. You will know that you have reached your goal when the time has passed while doing the exercise in question, this is the best possible indicator.
  2. Few, realistic and short-term goals. As the expert advises, “We should start by setting small daily goals for ourselves and not wanting to cover everything too quickly.” Of course, unrealizable promises don’t work. If you’ve never lifted weights, don’t suggest lifting 40 kilos a day. Make it real.
  3. Set your routine. “Trying to set a specific time in your day to work out will be easier for you and it will be easier to become a routine than any other time,” advises Sarah. When you don’t have time, exercise doesn’t become a priority and other commitments will absorb it for the most part.
  4. 48 days minimum. Forget the 21-day rule. “In the case of physical exercise, there are 48 days in which you must train for the sport to become an essential part of your life and to notice the results that motivate you the most. This is exactly the methodology of our center. The explanation is that the brain needs between 48 and 66 days to transform something into habit or routine.
  5. Connect with technology. Never underestimate the power of technology. Sports applications and smartwatches that track your training in detail … “The satisfaction you feel when seeing progress increases the desire to continue,” adds the co-founder of Reto48. The remote connectivity options that most gyms offer their clients are very practical so that they can continue to exercise from mobile devices wherever they are.
  6. Quantity issue. Sarah Alvarez is clear on this. I always recommend starting with a minimum 3 days a week with restto allow the muscles to recover.” The repetition will make you so addicted to your chosen exercise that your body will ask you to get back into regularity if you miss your appointment with the sport one day.

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