6 Instagram accounts of healthy (and good) eating


Sometimes we get the impression that healthy and seasonal eating is synonymous with boredom… Here are six Instagram accounts that prove otherwise!

Before, recipes for cooking, they were found either in the old books of his grandmother, or on sites specializing in cooking, such as Marmiton. But for some time now, Youtube channels, TikTok or even Instagram accounts have taken over the niche! As is so often the case on a photo platform, the shots are licked, and in this case, they’re downright cute.

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Instagram is also the temple of well-being, where we eat beautifully, organic, well, seasonal … And if we sometimes have the idea that eating a balanced diet is boring, or too complicated to cook, many Internet chefs prove us wrong.

Season opener with Justunfrenchie

This healthy cooking Instagram account, justunfrenchie, run by a very young chef, Justin, 19. He has a lot of good ideas and provides explainer videos for his recipes that are very clear and easy to follow! With him, you can eat healthy food without necessarily depriving yourself of meat. For example with This appetizer “walnut pancakes”.

Cut the walnuts into very thin slices, each slice garnished with a drizzle of oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and espelite pepper before baking for 30 minutes at 180°. To this he adds the tomato sauce before returning it to the oven for about 5-10 minutes. Then he adds the burrata, figs, parmesan slice, pecans, basil, a little arugula…a delight!

Ella Mills, Mushroom Pie with Star Veggies

Good meat, on Instagram, is really a hit. Witness Ella Mills from the account TastyWho gathers more than two million followers about his recipes! A cookbook author, she also shares her cooking secrets on her online account, eg Autumn pie with walnuts, red onions and mushrooms.

Caramelize two red onions in a skillet. Add 500 grams of brown mushrooms with a piece of butter. To make it even more delicious, she adds a thick béchamel sauce with thyme. Place it all in the center of the pie dough (preferably with a broken one), fold the edges in, add a few nuts, and bake at 180 degrees!

Marie Laforet, accept the challenge of a vegetarian gourmet

on his account , Marie Laforet Offers vegetarian recipes. Vegetables, vegan cheeses, butter and egg substitutes … With relatively simple recipes, they provide answers to many mysteries about diets without animal products.

And it makes you want to, as does the ravioli with brie and wild garlic. For the dough, we take 250 g of wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of salt and 150 ml of water. For the filling, we put pieces of vegan cheese (the recipe is made with Jill cheese, from Jay and Joy Market), a shallot, 8 large wild garlic leaves, chopping finely. We make the ravioli by welding the dough well around the filling, cooking it in boiling water and serving it with a little olive oil, pepper and salt.

What if we put pumpkin in pasta? Good idea from Rebel Recipes

Nikki Webster, aka Rebel recipes, is the queen of casual vegan recipes. Here, it is not so much the aesthetics of the plate as the seeming gluttony that prevails. Everything is colorful with a thousand fruits and vegetables, and everything seems possible on a small level!

Like this pumpkin-and-mushroom pasta you name it.”Squash cheese carbonaraYou’ll need pumpkin (or any other squash), onion, mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and pasta. For the sauce, she recommends tomato puree, almond milk, and paprika. Details of the steps are explained in order in another!

Healthy grilled cheese with green vegetables with gathering and feast

Grilled cheese is the comforting dish par excellence, and not really light: bread, butter, cheese … But did you know that it can also be made in a “green” version? At least that’s what Get together and celebrate.

It takes a little longer to prepare, but the result is honestly mouth-watering. cut into small pieces 3 strands of broccolini (baby broccoli), zucchini, a little watercress, a little garlic, basil, brown all this in a frying pan with olive oil. Before a dough forms, remove from heat and add crumbled feta cheese and another melted cheese of your choice. Take two slices of bread, brush the outside with butter, fill the grilled cheese with the mixture and return the sandwich to the pan to brown.

A hearty snack (or dessert) on a rainy day, from Healthy Lalo

Healthy LaloIt is the king of gourmet desserts. Because: No, eating healthy doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of sugar.

With the rainy days increasing in number, we follow His comforting recipe is “biscuit crumbs.”, and a little bit of both for the sweetest dessert. He chooses to put 500 grams in pears and the same in apples, but all fruits work. Separately, prepare a mixture of biscuit dough from 150 grams of soft (but not liquid) margarine, 100 grams of sugar, 100 grams of hazelnut powder and 300 grams of flour, with a little grated tonka beans and cinnamon. When the dough has the shape of a shortbread, we put it on top of the fruit in a dish, add the hazelnuts and chocolate chips, and presto. 40 minutes in the oven!


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