5 Netflix series, HBO Max and Filmin if you love beauty

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If you are passionate about the world of beauty, grooming and makeup, you are in luck. There is no doubt that the cosmetics are in fashion; she is having one of the sweetest moments of him.

In addition to large product sales, the world of cosmetics is also served by source of inspiration to create programs and TV series. For this reason, beauty, cosmetics, image changes or make-up are topics that are part of the catalog of Netflix and other video on demand companies.

5 essential series to discover more about the world of beauty

Although beauty and cosmetics are worlds that are part of our lives every day, until now audiovisual attention had never been placed on them. Yes, we are used to seeing thousands of series about the fashion world, but what would a beautiful dress be without good makeup and a nice hairstyle?

Beauty and makeup are part of the very universe of the series: “The Crown” wouldn’t be the same without the hair and makeup work behind the actors.

Finally, many streaming platforms already offer high-quality series in their catalog with which know more about the world beauty. From reality about makeup, documentaries about beauty and even series where hairdressing and trick It is so flawless that you cannot miss it.

Discover the five Netflix, HBO Max and Filmin series that will delight your senses if you are passionate about the world beauty. Write down their names and save them for a marathon this weekend. And by the way: be careful, they hook.

Makeup Artists, on Netflix

‘Makeup Artists’ is a talent show based on the world of makeup that you can’t miss, when you start, you won’t be able to stop watching one chapter after another. It is registered in the UK and meets a select group of makeup artists who have to compete with each other.

makeup series on netflix
Makeup Artists, on Netflix

The dynamic is similar to that of the others talent: in each chapter will expel one contestant, until only the winner remains, awarded as the best make-up artist. The best are the challenges they face: no simple trick.

If you are passionate and you are a fan of the world of makeup, on Netflix you are three seasons available to press play and enjoy a marathon beauty of the good ones

I don’t know, in Filmin

Although Nose is not a series, but an hour-long and short-form documentary, you cannot miss it if you are a Passionate about perfumes. Its visualization leads us directly to discover some of the pros and cons of home Dior It is one of the most exciting professions in the world of cosmetics: that of perfumer.

you will find out how new perfumes are created and how to make them unique. It will also reveal the Why does a perfume go down in history? and survive unperturbed for generations, something that is related to the memories it awakens. A must if you like the world of big names in luxury cosmetics.

Skin Change, on Netflix

In Cambio de Piel you will find all the secrets about cosmetic retouching of plastic surgery. This reality Netflix hosted by Dr. Nazarian consists of a season of only eight episodes, each of which tells two clinical cases.

Of course, if you think that here you will see aesthetic retouches for the simple fact of wanting to beautify the face or body, nothing is further from reality. The cases that are treated are more dramatic, such as e.g scars after accidentsbirthmarks or bodies that have not been the same after several pregnancies.

Madam CJ Walker: The Self-Made Woman, on Netflix

Starring the great Octavia Spencer as the protagonist, this Netflix series tells the exciting true story of Sarah CJ Walker (aka Madam CJ Walker), a black housewife who became the first black female billionaire entrepreneur of the household products sector afro hair care

At the end of the 19th century, Sarah suffered from severe alopecia and could not find products on the market to cure it. Finally, she ended up developing a hair care treatment herself Afro-specific, which she marketed with the help of her husband at a time when women not only weren’t working, much less setting up a company.

The series tells her story, which led her to direct the Madame CJ Walker Manufacturing Companya brand of hair products that still sold today in the United States and made her a billionaire.

Euphoria, on HBO Max

Yes, Euphoria It is not a series based on the world of beauty, but only for hers impressive hairstyles and most importantly, makeup, it’s worth a try. His makeup looks like, full of splendour, shinecolors and crystalsthey are still viral trends all over the world today and a favorite of Generation Z.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the world that you are passionate about, to let yourself be carried away by the lines that mark the path in terms of beauty trends are concerned.

Why are we fascinated by the world of beauty?

The world of cosmetics and beauty today is something that goes far beyond the simple aesthetic aspiration. THE beauty is not just applying a cream: it is living a ritual, knowing that you are taking care of your skin. That’s why we like to take care of ourselves in those days that turned out to be awful.

All of this is something that the manufacturers of streaming platforms have warned about: the world of beauty is about us, loving each other and making time for each other. That’s why we are fascinated by the series that open the pros and cons of the beauty world: because they are an opportunity to learn more about a sector that we are passionate about and that makes us feel good.








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