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Hair faces enemies during the twelve months of the year. If the cold hurts, the consequences of the heat and the summer sun rays are worse. That is why we cannot let our guard down at any time and must constantly protect it with the cures, treatments and products that our hair requires at all times.

If you’re one of those who only update their hair at key moments, like back to school in September or the start of the year, you’re making a huge mistake. You have to pamper him month by month Creation of a calendar of treatments according to each season.

Not all hair is created equal, so neither should all beauty treatments. The first thing to do is a diagnosis a determine the specific needs of our hair. Factors such as hair type, age of the person, and whether it is natural hair or some type of color bath or dye, are determining factors in knowing how to treat it.

So that you know what your hair needs at all times, at THE OBJECTIVE we will offer you a routine of care, treatments and actions so that you can obtain and maintain healthy hair all year round. Subscribe to this bedside manual with which you will get the long hair you’ve always dreamed of.

How often do you have to cut your hair?

Nothing better than being advised by expert hairdressers to find out what our hair needs. This is why the Ananda Ferdi beauty salon has become our specialist of reference to prescribe the best for our hair.

Haircut.  (Source: Frank Provost)
Haircut. (Source: Frank Provost)

When it comes to the state of the hair, the first thing to take into account is the cut. You must bear in mind that resorting to a good haircut, you will hardly need to comb them, which saves you time and simplifies your everyday life. However, the normal thing is that in a couple of months the cut loses its shape and movement. If you want to stay true to that style and always look perfect, you need go to the salon to touch it up every month and a half.

Regardless of the quality and thickness of the hair, the time interval between cuts It usually varies very little between different hair types.. Fine hair breaks faster, so we need to be more consistent with the cut, but thick hair tends to lose its shape.

Having long hair does not mean not going to the hairdresser. In these cases it is essential to cut the ends. At Ananda Ferdi we recommend doing it every two and a half months at the latest. If your goal is to grow your hair long, it is recommended to cut it every month and a half, but only one centimeter at most and leave another centimeter and a half to leeway so that the hair continues to grow healthy.

The most demanding cuts

There are a number of styles that need a tweak every few days. One of them is short hair leprechauns. In this case, you should go to the salon once a month to keep it flawless.

Shorter hairstyles require more attention.  (Source: Freepik/kroshka__nastya)
Shorter hairstyles require you to go in for a touch up first. (Source: Freepik/kroshka__nastya)

We experience the same situation if our hairstyle is accompanied by bangs. The shorter it is, the more maintenance it will need. However, there are bangs that require less attention like the curtain or those that are at the height of the eyebrows. These can stay longer without being updated but you will be forced to modify it to suit the hairstyle.

One of the biggest mistakes people often make is not cutting their hair for a long time because the ends are splitting and splitting. In addition to causing the tips to break, the breakage can reach the center of the hair and weaken it. For this reason, when he doesn’t go to the hairdresser for many months, the professional is forced to cut more centimeters to clean his hair.

Solutions against gray hair

If your hair is showing the first white hairs and you want to start hiding them, the Ananda Ferdi experts advise you to use some very subtle reflections that hide them. This technique would be applied every three months, approximately. Another solution is to cover the first gray hair with colored baths or muds every month or month and a half.

Casting Creme Gloss bath color by L'Oréal.  (Recommended price: €5.95)
Casting Creme Gloss bath color by L’Oréal. (Recommended price: €5.95)

The term It will depend a lot on how gray hair is. and where they are found, also their quantity and the color of the base. The darker your natural hair color, the more often it will need to be touched up.

The expert recommendation is stretch the total coloring as much as possible or the application of dyes. If your hair color is a shade lighter, gray hair will be hidden more easily and can last up to five weeks without the need for touch-ups.

always perfect lights

If you have highlights and they are two or three shades lighter than your hair, you will need to go to the hairdresser every four months to touch up the roots. Lighter highlights need more continuous retouching, especially if the base is dark. In these cases you should go to the hairdresser every two months. Although, if our hair grows a lot, it will have to be every month and a half.

Applying color to the hair.  (Source: Freepik/prostooleh)
Applying color to the hair. (Source: Freepik/prostooleh)

Some of the highlights of the trend, the balayagethey are more comfortable because they hide better when the hair grows. Therefore, a visit to the hairdresser can be delayed up to four months for color touch-ups.

Mud is a pigmentation formula that it is eliminated with washing therefore it is gradually lost and does not generate roots. But, as the tone fades, if you want to keep it, you should touch it up once a month to be able to keep your hair in your chosen color.

Color proposal for the new Llongueras collection
Color proposal for the new Llongueras collection

If you’re one of those who use a dye or highlights simply to change your natural color, whether to lighten it, darken it, change the hue or add to the fashion color, you should also touch up your roots every month, or month and a half. This period of four to five weeks is sufficient for it to appear. the unsightly and unnatural line of the roots.

The best hair treatments

Depending on what your hair may need, there are endless treatments for your cure: detox, hydration, hair loss, nutrition, volume, smoothing, hyaluronic acid, protein, shine, sensitive scalp… Which one to choose? Well, it is better to let yourself be advised by the professional who will be able to recommend the most suitable one for your case as well as the frequency with which it must be carried out.

Hydration is never too much. The more hydrated your hair is, the healthier and shinier it will appear. Ananda Ferdi experts recommend at least one hydration treatment once a month. However, it can be combined with other treatments to suit your hair needs.

Visit to the hairdresser.  (Source: Freepik/cookie_studio)
Visit to the hairdresser. (Source: Freepik/cookie_studio)

Provide vitamins to strengthen hair and avoiding its downfall is something we should do twice a year. Better to make it coincide with autumn and spring, moments in which it is even more noticeable how the hair is depleted. If the vitamin treatments are not enough, the factors of the fall can be others such as stress, poor diet or illness. In these cases, the professional will advise you to perform shock treatments designed to strengthen hair once a week for six weeks in a row.

If you have natural hair and still don’t have gray hair, the recommendation is to perform a detox treatment once a month. With this system, what you will achieve is to eliminate waste and oxygenate the hair and scalp. In case of oily hair, increase the frequency and use a detox every 15 days.

Detox Treatment (Source: Davines)
Detox Treatment (Source: Davines)

There are also smoothing treatments, such as the Vegan Therapy proposed in the Ananda Ferdi salons, to be carried out once a year. If the hair is in excellent condition and the client takes care of it regularly, this can be done up to two times.

Besides going to salons to do this type of treatment is also very important follow some guidelines for home maintenance. It is necessary to use suitable products without sulphates or parabens and which do not contain silicones which adhere to the hair and leave residues. We also recommend washing with a neutral or purifying shampoo and don’t forget to moisturize the mid-lengths and ends.

REF Stockholm natural shampoo and conditioner
REF Stockholm natural shampoo and conditioner

Now that you know how often you should do each of the care your hair needs, it’s time to jot down your upcoming hairdressing appointments in your diary.








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