Vegan keratins, how to create your own vegan straightening brand?

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One of the alternatives to keep hair strong, shiny and in place is keratin treatment. This component has the ability to nourish hair, eliminate frizzy and offer a healthier, volume-free look. There are different types of treatments on the market, but vegan keratin is one of those that offers the greatest benefit for the entire hair structure. That’s why expert hair care and repair company, Keratin Europe, decided to list some of the ways vegan keratin can help rebuild hair fibers and customers get their own brands so they are leaders in beauty market under its own brand philosophy

Deep repair and volume control

The basic formula with which this keratin is made contains ingredients such as collagen, macadamia, myrrh or hyaluronic acid, essential for nourishing the hair fibers and giving hair vitality. Its high quantity of amino acids, antioxidants, acts directly on the keratin chains, controlling their electric ionic charges keep hair loose frizzy and avoid its frizz. In addition, vegan keratin provides molecular weight, filling and repairing cystine bonds, with which immediate results are obtained. Keratin Europe has revolutionized the vegan straightening market anti-frizz and hair recovery, reaching the international positioning of the best straightening among other formulas and managing to have customers all over the world, countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, United States, New Zealand, Austria or France , among others.

Vegan keratin is the trade name used almost all over the world, but for Keratin Europe it is much more because its formulas are able to repair the hair strand In addition to 100% straightening, it deeply hydrates and nourishes the hair, recovering damaged hair fibers and preventing future damage.. In addition, it helps replenish the amino acids lost due to chemical wear or mechanical agents, product of overexposure to abrasive smoothing treatments with formaldehyde or ammonia, a thing of the past and which Keratin Europe is advancing every day for the adaptability of the new era green footprint, adapting to its increasingly less polluting packaging and with less plastic. Vegan Keratin also provides a instant shine type of mirror e Provides thickening, strength and resistance to the hair fiber. This treatment is suitable for all hair types, acting equally effectively on smooth, wavy or curly textures.

kit for customers and wholesalers

Keratin Europa adapts to every business model and has closed projects, which consist of already proven developments on the market that work because they have previously carried out probability studies which, at the level of marketing and in acceptance by the final consumer, they have a high degree of acceptability with concepts adapted to improve the appearance of hair. Keratin Europa has already studied the market in micro-niches of hair cosmetic beauty tailored to the customer and the characteristics of his hair. Furthermore, it also has Packages for wholesale distributors, designed starting from a personalized formula that allows them to differentiate themselves from their main competitors both nationally and internationally. Individual or wholesale customer can request sample pack with products like the vegan smoothing kit, He amino acid supply kit, He post straightening shampoo and the regeneration ampoules, among others. Interested parties just have to access the Keratin Europa website and send a request via email with the characteristics of the package they want to receive. Once the message has been received, Keratin Europe’s support staff examines the request and takes care of all the logistics so that the samples arrive directly at the customer’s location.

For these reasons, Keratin Europe invites all people who wish to repair their hair or design a straightening brand with vegan keratin, to consult their virtual catalog and choose the product that best suits their needs and expectations.








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