Types of hairbrushes: which one to choose?

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Combing the hair from the start with whatever brush you can find would do just fine in an emergency. But do not accustom your hair to contact with tools that, far from helping them, affect their condition. How to choose the right one?

Types of hairbrushes: which one to choose?

Last update: February 10, 2023

Selecting a hairbrush has its science and the basis is inside consider both your hair type and the occasion for which you are combing your hair. In general, it is essential that the tool meets the particular needs of the hair and contributes to the health of the scalp.

But how does this element intervene in hair care? Aside from the strands, the bristles touch and massage the skin that covers the head. Rubbing the fibers slightly widens blood vessels, promoting circulation, while forming a self-care habit.

The quality of the brush and its shape affect the damage a hair can suffer or, conversely, they help to obtain silkiness, prevent hair loss and promote its growth. If you don’t know the variety that exists on the market, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

How to make the right choice of hairbrush?

Hair characteristics are key to striking when choosing a brush. From this point on, fine hair appreciates an extra soft brushing; it is preferable instead to comb the big ones with mixed bristles (strong and soft).

Curly hair should be treated with wide-toothed combs; but if it is a hair with soft waves, brush it with synthetic and short fibers. In all cases, the purpose is to help distribute the natural oils your scalp produces, massage your skin, boost your natural shine, and look great.

By not handling the relevant information, you risk attacking your hair. For this reason, the American Academy of Dermatology emphasizes the importance of comb the hair without damaging it, to avoid conditions that cause it to fall out.

For its part, the Mayo Clinic agrees with being gentle when styling, such as using wide-toothed tools when strands are wet.

A brush is different from a comb in that the bristles of the former are flexible and those of the latter are harder.

To make the right brush purchase, you need to take into account the characteristics of the hair.

Types of hairbrush

Brushes are classified according to their fiber material, shape, and utility. Those with plastic bristles work on all hair types and those with natural fibers are recommended for damaged or delicate hair.

There are also metal bristles, suitable for abundant hair, although with great care so that they do not get scratched. Finally, within the categorization by fibers are mixed, those made with natural and synthetic bristles.

As for forms and utility, then We present the classes of brushes and the advantages of each.


They are drying the shapers. They are in different thicknesses; while the thinner one or with closed curves works on short hair, the medium one gives body from the fringe to the tips and the thick one gives volume.


This is what is commonly seen in beauty salons, useful for drying. It features mixed bristles and a hollow handle with minimal holes to increase air circulation.

Its design speeds up styling by trapping heat in the barrel, often made from ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. The thermal brush is recommended if you want to give your hair movement, have extra long and stiff hair or if you want to “tame” your bangs.

skeleton or vent

Due to the structure of the skeleton brushes, They provide an ideal ventilation system for quick drying. They let the air through when styling.

They have widely spaced, fine plastic bristles, which make it easy to detangle curly hair without breaking it. They contribute volume, so they are often used in the final look of hairstyles.


Perhaps it is the most popular brush on the market, therefore the one for frequent use at home. It adapts to all textures and lengths, apart from the ergonomics which make it more manageable. Moreover, Its padded base and rubber-tipped plastic teeth are the ultimate scalp keepers.


It is a brush whose bristles are made of wood, but this does not interfere with the softness it offers during styling, up to the point of massaging. The teeth are wide and spaced apart, which is beneficial for very sensitive scalps.

With respect to the topic, Professional pharmacy exposes that hair requires daily brushing that massages with non-aggressive resources for the hair fiber. Wood meets this requirement. They are biodegradable brushes, useful for conditioning from roots to ends and releasing frizzy.

for extensions

They consist of brushes with exclusive loops for styling extensions, because these strands inserted into natural hair require gentle treatment.

detangling hair brush

If you get a lot of knots this is the brush for you. The distribution of its synthetic and flexible bristles helps to detangle any type of hair without pulling. It is useful on wet or dry hair, practicing the following tips:

  • Apply to spray untangling.
  • Start at the ends and work your way up gradually.
  • Do not pull when the knot is tight and use your fingers if necessary.

paddle or racket

It is a flattened toothbrush that has a small ball at the tip to massage and loosen knots. The fibers are natural, nylon or ionic, suggested if you want to give volume or shape certain it seems.

There is a padded variant for straight hair, but the conventional ones are usually used on curly and long hair.

for finishes

With natural, synthetic or mixed bristles, these brushes perfect hairstyles or give certain shapes to hair.

Finishing brushes are reduced frizzy and improve the final look of hairstyles.

Recommendations that allow you to make the most of the hairbrush

The functionality of a hairbrush reaches its maximum if you complete it with spraycombing serums or creams, as they facilitate brushing and provide nourishment to the hair fiber.

Finally, remember to treat your hair gently. Comb through when the hair is dry, or use a brush with fairly wide bristles to reduce the chances of breakage if the hair is still wet. Do you already know which one to choose?

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