15 professional hair masks to invest in

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    How many times have you gone out to the hairdresser with swollen hair and have you ever wondered how they do it? The answer is as simple as it is obvious and is that they have it professional grade products and, therefore, with the guarantee that you will see your hair more beautiful, softer and shinier than ever. Salon shampoos also seem to clean more effectively and even make hair stay cleaner longer, so why not invest in some too? a professional hair mask that pampers our hair with every wash?

    We tell you everything about how they are proposed solve problems and satisfy needs of your hair The best masks on the market.

    professional hair masks

    Before starting with the selection, we believe it is necessary to influence what exactly is a maskwhat are its functions and also its benefits. The last step in any laundry routine it is nothing but a intensive treatment based on the characteristics of your hair. That’s why it’s essential to know how to choose the one that’s right for you. To do this, let’s proceed to name some of the most common types and which, of course, you can find at your trusted hairdresser:

    1. Masks for dyed or streaked hair: Designed for hair that has been exposed to chemical processes (like bleaching), you need masks that can do that recover lost hydration. Furthermore, these are also meant to improve the quality of the pigment and make it more intense and lustrous. There are also masks suitable for blond hair and are usually purple, in order to blend yellowish and coppery tones in the most effective way. In this case, its use is recommended no more than once a week.
    2. Curly hair mask: There are several disadvantages when it comes to getting a curly mane looks perfect. On the one hand, the loss of hydration they suffer. On the other, the inevitable tendency to frizz. And finally, how loops can lose definition if the right products aren’t used. That is why experts recommend masks indicated for this type of hair, for which they are ideal keep frizz at bay. Furthermore, they are usually lighter and, therefore, guarantee to take care of the curls without overloading them unnecessarily with product.
    3. Masks for fine and weak hair: In this case we are talking about a category of treatments indicated for the hair, of course, but also for the scalp (the great forgotten and, ironically, the origin of the problem). Therefore, these are masks whose formulation is indicated to treat the worst conditions (climate change, stress, seasonal fall…) from nourishing and fortifying ingredients.
    4. Growth stimulating masks: once again, the scalp is the fulcrum to act on. These treatments stimulate the hair fiber from ingredients expert in accelerating the cellular process. Above all, many of them did natural assetssuch as yeast or oils such as castor, walnut or pine.
    5. Masks for dull and dull hair: The goal with this type of treatment is bring your hair back to life What is missing HOW? obviously with isoftening ingredients and which guarantee an increase in shine. These work in the deeper layers of the hair fiber, seal the cuticles and also contain highly nourishing oils.
    6. Masks for oily hair: If your hair tends to get greasy and you’re afraid to wear masks, forget it. There are treatments indicated for you and that’s how they work. These have been specially formulated to balance the production of sebum from a purifying work from the roots. Work that also usually adds volume without feeling greasy. Among its usual ingredients, natural clays, sage or nettle extracts. Moreover, they also often contain nutritious yet fresh minerals.
      1. Now that you have identified the problem and the solution, tab the 15 hairdressing masks that will give your hair a 180º turn (in the best sense).

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    reconstructive mask

    Kevin Murphy

    Moisturizing and nourishing mask


    Revitalizing collagen mask


    Intensive mask for damaged hair

    Moroccan oil

    repair mask


    Intense hydration mask

    living proof

    repair mask

    System professional

    Keratin repair mask

    L’Oreal Professional

    detox mask


    Strengthening mask for fine hair

    Deva curl

    Remodeling mask for curly hair

    Sebastian professional

    smoothing mask


    Fortifying and repairing mask


    Purifying mask for blonde hair

    Christopher Robin

    Nourishing mask for brown hair

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