Take care of your hair properly with Pelo10, a reference online store in hair products

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Hair care has become a growing concern for many people. It’s no longer just about having good hair, it’s about having a healthy hair.

Fur10 It presents itself as an ideal alternative to achieve these goals. In his shop on line of hair products, offers products from the best brands to give your hair the best treatment. Speaks Matthew MarinoCEO of Pelo10, who will explain the secrets of his success.

How did the idea of ​​creating a shop come about? on line hair cosmetics?

We were very attracted to the idea of ​​selling online and we knew the world of beauty. We have seen an important niche, such as more and more beauty and hair accessories were most in demand and the professional products they were booming.

The beginnings were difficult, but now we are very happy, yes far exceeded our goals and we have more and more customers and more demand.

What challenges did you encounter when starting the project?

In 2016, there were almost no specialist shops professional products for hairdressers and the truth is that we got off to a good start, the brands were known.

However, our biggest challenge has been to convey to customers the main advantages and differences in using a professional product compared to a supermarket product (shampoo, dyes, etc.).

We solve it based on advise and of course, once the customer tried the professional product, we started having it recurring orders and everything was easier.

What types of hair products do you sell at Pelo10?

Primarily shampoos, masks, conditioners, treatments and hairdressing accessories for professionals.

But most importantly, we are now selling a lot vegan and organic product, which takes care of the environment and hair. They are less aggressive with the hair, but very effective in treatments such as hair loss, repair, methodical curlydyes, etc.

Starting January 2023, we will include craft accessories For the hair. hair elastics as a new product and with an artisanal brand that is enjoying great success and is also from Murcia.

Do you sell nationwide? What sales projection do you have internationally?

yes we sell the entire national territory with the exception of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Our strategy is focused on international sale. Indeed, we already have customers from Portugal and France.

What is your value proposition?

He service and the delivery. For us it is essential that the product arrives in the best conditions and in about 24-48 hours.

The maximum of Fur10 It has always been that the customer is the most important part. For this reason, in addition to being members of confianzaonline.es, we always make sure that the customer is fully satisfied.

How does pelo10.com differ from its main competitors?

Mainly, in close treatment and the respect for brands that we market.

For us the service and the good price It is fundamental, but always, to follow the dictates of the brands that we commercialize with respect to the product and with respect to the price. We do not underprice products to near cost price to sell more, as we are hurting the brand, the product, the professionals and our own customers by doing so.

What is your flagship product?

We have several flagship products, of the brand that we have started to sell almost exclusively, such as diksonlike the brand BBC, Obvious or Pure green.

What brands do you work with?

We work with A wide variety of brands and, moreover, we constantly include in our catalog those that we believe offer higher quality and give better results. However, as a main we have Intoxicate, Artego, Pure green, BBC, Obviousetc.

What type of customer buys in your store on line?

above all they are womenAlthough many men also buy products from our Styling line (foams, gels, gels, etc.). On the other hand, we also have a lot professional client.

You don’t just sell cosmetic hair products on your website, you also offer specialized information on your blog. What goal do you seek with it?

In essence, we seek that anyone who purchases a product or has any doubts resolves it through our blog.

For example, there are many customers who ask us how to apply a dye or which oxygenate to choose and why. we tried solve all these recurring doubts in order for our customers to be on the safe side before placing their order.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting a business? on line?

The advice I can give is to approach your project with a lot rejoice And illusion. It’s something they have to put a lot of time into and be very consistent with, so the motivation it is essential.








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