Lidl coconut oil, perfect for hair masks


If you see that your hair is more fragile, frizzy and punished every time there is a change of season, don’t worry, it’s more than normal, it happens to all of us. And it happens to all of us, moreover, with every change of season, in the summer for the sun’s rays and in winter, like now, due to the cold and humidity. The best thing, in our humble opinion, is that I arm you with patience, hair needs time to adapt to new climatic conditions and be pampered and cared for with lots of love.

Among those pampering and extra care your hair needs, a very important one is hydration. Is critical give hair the nutrients it needs to recover from the roots and give it a good dose of hydration so that frizz goes away and you look healthy and shiny again. For example, we like to give it that extra hydration with the use of natural ingredients, natural ingredients that, for example, you can find for sale at Lidl. An example of this is using this Lidl coconut oil as a hair mask.

Lidl coconut oil as a hair mask

If you notice that your hair is duller, with less light and shine and, moreover, you feel that you are falling more than usual, believe us when we tell you that you shouldn’t be alarmed. Hair is continuously exposed to external agents and every change that takes place on the outside obviously affects it directly. Therefore, it is It is essential to keep your hair hydrated at all times. and well fed. It is essential to prepare, at least once a week, a nourishing mask that gives it strength and regenerates it from the depths of its interior.

Lidl coconut oil for hair masks
Lidl coconut oil for hair masks, product photo: ©Lidl

In today’s article we want to tell you mainly about that, about nourishing and moisturizing masks that improve the appearance of your hair so it continues to grow healthy, strong, shiny and so, plus, your great enemy, frizz, disappears. But we don’t want to talk to you about expensive hair masks of those sold in supermarkets and large shopping malls that cost you a fortune, and that maybe don’t satisfy the benefits they tell you about, we want to talk to you hair masks made with one hundred percent natural ingredients. And of all the natural ingredients we’ve tried on our hair, our favorite is undoubtedly Lidl’s coconut oil.

Lidl coconut oil, your best ally to recover your damaged hair

We know that in shopping malls and supermarkets they sell a lot of hair care products, which are very expensive among others. For this reason, we prefer to use natural ingredients to make hair masks, we faithfully believe in the power of mother nature and her healing power for everything. Of all the ingredients that we have tried to treat our hair, we must confess that with what we see rmost satisfying, quick and long-lasting results is with coconut oil. Especially with Lidl’s organic coconut oil, it really has super miraculous power on any damaged hair.

Basically, we will use Lidl’s coconut oil to create a natural mask for our hair, one hundred percent homemade and of natural origin. How often you should prepare this natural coconut oil mask for your weather-damaged hair will depend on how damaged your hair is, although it is recommended at least prepare this homemade hair mask once a week. If you keep up this pace, you’ll see how quickly your hair regains its shine and frizz is gone forever.

How to make a Lidl coconut oil hair mask

Making this hair mask at home is super easy, you’ll see. You just have to go to the Lidl supermarket closest to home, buy your organic coconut oil, It comes in a glass jar that you can reuse later., and get to work. To do this, take a good amount of coconut oil with your hands and, little by little, Go rub it in your hairfrom roots to ends. Once all of your hair is covered in coconut oil, we recommend wrapping your hair in a towel or wearing a shower cap for its effect to be more effective.

Ideally, Leave this homemade coconut oil hair mask on for half an hour, just before stepping into the shower to wash your hair. After that half hour, rinse your hair with plenty of water, and when you feel most of the coconut oil is gone, wash it following your usual hair washing routine. You will see, thanks to the use of Lidl coconut oil as a hair mask, your hair will be beautiful again in no time.








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