Adamari López Fitness: Former Luis Fonsi’s Wellness Recommendations


Adamari López invites her followers to take care of her body and her annual medical check-ups.

I’m sure you already know, Former Luis FonsiAnd Adamary LopezWhen she was 33 years old, she suffered from breast cancer, a disease that she was able to overcome thanks to regular self-examinations and screenings that enabled early detection.

Because of his experience with such a terrible disease, Adamary LopezEvery time she sees an opportunity, she takes advantage of her social networks to invite her followers to take care of themselves and prioritize health. That is why, after the start of 2023, he did not think twice, and through a video posted on his YouTube channel @AdamariLopezt, he told his followers that, like every year, he was in his medical consultation.

In addition, he explained to them that a medical consultation on time, especially at the beginning of the year, gave him peace of mind knowing that everything was fine and that he could carry on with his life as usual. Among the consultations recommended to be conducted with a view to Take care of health There are gynecological and dermatological diseases. Although due to the illness he suffered from, it is also part of his schedule to visit his oncologist.

Adamary Lopez He also pointed out the importance of taking care of the skin with a specialist and taking care of the parts of the body that are always exposed to the sun, such as the hands and neck. And at the end of the video, she did not wait for comments of thanks from her followers. Most of them agreed on the importance of taking care of the body inside and out.

the Ex Luis Fonsi He also took the opportunity to remember that these types of counseling are just as important as exercising, eating well, or getting enough sleep.

Adamari Lopez is the spokesperson for campaigns aimed at preventing breast cancer. Photo:


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