Weight loss wed: Green tea extract can help postmenopausal women


It’s probably an ancient Asian herb that you have in your kitchen, and you’ve likely had it many times, both hot and cold.

NEW ORLEANS – We know Mardi Gras is a time when we tend to overeat, and that leads to a lot of extra calories.

And by the time we get to Ash Wednesday, the scale is not our friend.

So we started our four segments weight loss program on wednesday with a supplement that holds a lot of promise.

It’s probably an ancient Asian herb that you have in your kitchen, and you’ve likely had it many times, both hot and cold.

It is an ingredient in commercial weight loss pills, such as TRIMSPA, that Wednesday Weight Loss has been researching for more than 20 years.

“It’s actually a very good supplement, and it’s very high in antioxidants. So, it does a lot of things to strengthen the health of your arteries and veins to reduce inflammation, and in fairly good studies you can actually see up to six pounds of weight lost just by Using green tea extract,” said complimentary medicine physician Dr. Henry. Roca, in May 2004.

But now there’s a whole new twist on ancient, natural, and inexpensive supplements.

“These are postmenopausal women who usually have a hard time getting the fatty weight off their stomach. They’re having a hard time getting their insulin in, getting their glucose under control, and they’re full of inflammation. So, after trying green tea, they’re basically back to where they were before.” menopause,” said Dr.

Dr. Southern has done extensive research into weight management and exercise. For decades, she said, studies of over-the-counter green tea supplements show they help you burn more fat, but now a new study in the journal Nutrients, It specifically shows a new type of green tea supplement that has helped postmenopausal women. Help prevent them from storing visceral fat around their waist that they get from lack of hormones. These fats cause serious, whole-body inflammation that leads to diabetes and many other health problems.

“The fat around their belly was lower compared to those who didn’t drink green tea, because the better your body can use fat as fuel, the more fat you’ll burn and the less it’ll be stored in your torso,” she explains.

“The new studies changed the ball game a little bit. The testing, the labs, the follow-up was really impressive, one of the, in fact one of the first of its kind. And what they found was that these women had an increased metabolic rate. They lost fat,” said fitness expert Macky Shelston. visceral

He says that while the study included only 28 women, it detailed physiology for any side effects. The study used Greenselect Phytosome by Indena. It does not contain caffeine, and claims to be better absorbed.

They were giving it to the women twice a day, 150 milligrams, before lunch and before dinner. To get that equivalent, you have to drink six cups of green tea a day,” Chilston said.

He also found another vegan green tea formula on the market made by Thorne.

Dr. Sothern says this confirms what was seen in studies with men, but she’d like to see studies with more people. And both experts say it’s important, especially if you’re taking other medications, that you check with your doctor before taking them.

The women noticed these weight changes during the two-month study alone.


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