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Tasty and healthy can go together and support your weight loss journey but only if you pay attention to the ingredients. Certain foods can slow down your fitness journey, and if taken with other fattening foods, they can almost derail it. Once you know what to eliminate from your food diary, you can include the ones that work best for your dietary needs, weight loss and energy levels, and add your own twist to make them tasty. For example, the way you cook your food can also change the calorie count, so instead of deep frying, go for stir frying and the best is boiling and steaming. The taste can then be enhanced with a mixture of herbs, spices, lemon, honey, dates, dried fruits and other healthy ingredients. Some of the foods that should not be combined according to nutrition experts are rice, potatoes, chicken, lentils, milk and bananas. (Also Read: Weight Loss Pips To Avoid From Skipping Rice To Eating Only Oatmeal)

“As the new year begins, most of us have made resolutions to lose weight and be a healthier version of ourselves than we were last year. And while we all want to focus on a healthy diet and strict exercise regimen, we often tend to ignore “what we eat.” Unconsciously, we often end up eating certain food combinations, which can be a drag in our weight loss journey,” says Komal Patel, Clinical Nutritionist, Fit India Ambassador and Founder of Diet Studio.

In an interview with HT Digital, Patel talked about 5 food groups that one should avoid if they want to lose weight.

1. Rice and potatoes

Rice is a high source of carbohydrates, and eating rice in higher quantities may lead to weight gain. Although rice is easy to digest, one needs to be careful about the amount of rice. Rice and potatoes are not a healthy combination because both can be fattening. Potatoes are a starch that can be responsible for excessive caloric intake when mixed with rice. Individually, eating them in small amounts does not harm the body.

2. White bread and frozen yogurt

Oftentimes, in order to save time, we take a sandwich and a frozen yogurt as a form of dessert. However, white bread has a high glycemic index which contributes to higher blood sugar levels and is not good if you want to lose weight. Choose multigrain bread or brown bread, which are more nutritious. Also, frozen yogurt is high in sugar, which can hinder weight loss. Choose yogurt that contains natural sweeteners.

3. Chicken and lentils

Sometimes, too much protein can mess with your digestive system, leading to unnecessary weight gain through no fault of your own. So, if you want to eat foods that contain protein like chicken and dal or lentils, have them in different meals. Try to avoid having them together, as they can make you feel bloated and lead to indigestion.

4. Snacks packed with drinks

It is customary to have some kind of snack with tea or coffee. Not only can this combination lead to acidity, but processed snacks such as crackers, crackers, and flavorings are high in sugar and preservatives that are bad for your body weight. Also, some of these snacks are fried, which leads to excessive weight gain over a period of time.

5. Milk and bananas

Milk and banana are two superfoods that have amazing nutritional benefits. However, eating them together not only kills their nutritional quotient but also leads to weight gain. Therefore, it is better to give a gap of at least 20-30 minutes if you want to consume both.

Consider these food combinations that can make you gain weight.

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