Paula Echevarría wears a black fitness top that you can copy at Decathlon


Doing sports is in fashion. A balanced diet, healthy food and exercise are increasingly encouraged, which is why we need specialized and comfortable clothing that can be fashionable.

Paola Echeverria is one of the celebrities who do the most sports, and of course we look at it all look. fashion f fitness Walk hand in hand and Famous People He shows it to us in every appearance.

Paula Echevarría wears black leggings that you can copy at Decathlon for under €17

Paula Echevarria

In his last post on Instagram, Paula tells us about pelvic floor exercises, to strengthen her muscles, because in this type of training, breathing and blood pressure are combined to gain a lot of strength and resistance in it.

And Paula chose a simple way to do her exercises look In black it consists of a matching top and leggings. If you want to copy it, in You can find these 3 sports bras from Decathlon Perfect for that little time at the gym.

Top Fitness 100 Supportive Black Light Bra

Fitness bra for low impact practices: Pilates, light gymnastics, soft training, muscle strengthening. It provides maximum comfort, is super soft and wicks away sweat.

Basic black polyester bra

Basic black polyester bra

120 Women's Light Supportive Fitness Sports Bra Domyos Black

A light support type sports bra that reduces impact by 10%. Thanks to the elastane fabric, it guarantees freedom of movement.

Top with a flat back of this push up bra top for comfort in back positions.

Top with a flat back of this push up bra top for comfort in back positions.

Domyos Women's 540 Moderate Fitness Support Sports Bra in Black

A sports bra with a light support type that reduces bumps by 44%. It is adjustable thanks to its straps, it is stretchy due to its elastane and has a soft and breathable foam filling.

Domyos Women's Top 540 Moderately Supportive Fitness Sports Bra, Black

Domyos Women’s Top 540 Moderately Supportive Fitness Sports Bra, Black

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