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WILLIAMSPORT, PA – Technology developed by NASA, available in only two places in all of Pennsylvania, is now being used in Williamsport to help people “restore” their health.

The Reclaim Health Weight Loss and Pain Management Center located at 360 Market Street, Williamsport, offers Trifecta Red Light Therapy to help patients lose weight and reduce pain and inflammation, according to Dr. Dennis Gallagher, DC, CFMP.

Dr. Gallagher and his wife, Jane Gallagher, own and operate Reclaim Health, which opened December 1, 2022.

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Jane Gallagher and Dr. Dennis Gallagher, co-owners of Reclaim Health in Williamsport.

The red light is delivered via a ‘pod’ or bed much like a tanning bed. The “treatment” consists of lying in bed for eight to 15 minutes.

It may seem so easy – lie down in the capsule for less than a quarter of an hour – and experience results that you can measure and feel after about six to eight visits.

(Really, it’s more like lounging on the beach in the blazing sun, as this writer can attest after trying it.)

But according to Dr. Gallagher, a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist, it’s in many ways s That easy, and it’s all about technology.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as photodynamic therapy (PBMT), is the application of red and near-infrared light to human tissue.

In simpler terms, light is the therapy to help repair the body’s cells. Not just any light, but light of the right color and intensity (red light and light with wavelengths outside the range of vision) combined and transmitted to the skin to penetrate at the cellular level in the body.

The Trifecta Red Light Therapy capsule is only one of two of its kind currently in Pennsylvania. “The only other one used by the Pittsburgh Steelers,” said Dr. Gallagher. “Have you ever wondered how they get back on the field so quickly?” I joked.

Where other red light therapies use less intense bulbs, or require a detour or technician supervision, the device at Reclaim Health uses a laser application. Patients are left in isolation to slip into bed and relax while the light does the work.

“It’s a $50,000 bed,” said Dr. Gallagher. “This is a huge investment that I’ve made in the community because it works on two different levels. It works on pain management and it works on body sculpting.”

How does it work for weight loss?

“The red light opens up the fat cell allowing it to dry out. It drains about 95% of the contents,” explained Dr. Gallagher. After a short period of time in the capsule, the patient steps on a vibrating plate, which essentially shakes the fluid out of the lymphatic system, and through the liver.

Many patients want an alternative to surgery, Gallagher said, that is a non-invasive, non-invasive, and pain-free approach to fat loss.

While patients would love to lose pounds, red light technology is FDA approved to help people lose inches. “It helps reduce waist circumference. And it does,” he said. “She does the arms, and she’ll do the thighs, too.”

Body sculpting is permanent, provided the patient follows a healthy eating and exercise plan. To help keep patients on the right track, Dr. Gallagher draws on his clinical nutritional background to guide them through lifestyle changes that include diet.

“We have a program called Chirothin. It’s a 42-day program, generally followed under a doctor’s supervision, by me,” said Dr. Gallagher. He said, “I’m with them every day,” helping with the feeding plan. After 42 days, the patient switches to the maintenance plan.

How does it work for pain management?

Cells that have been stressed from outside influences, such as cigarette smoke, poor diet, chemicals, viruses, or injury, experience “oxidative stress,” or an imbalance that prevents the cell from removing toxins normally. Properly applying light to these cells can reduce oxidative stress, increase circulation, and increase energy and cellular function, according to Dr. Gallagher.

Trifecta LightPod_2023

The Trifecta “pod” is similar to a tanning bed, but offers a kind of light therapy not offered to consumers anywhere else in Pa. (Unless you are a professional soccer player).

Red light therapy is FDA-approved to treat chronic inflammatory conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, and chronic fatigue. Dr. Gallagher said he also recommends it for patients with Lyme disease, neuropathy, hair loss, and people recovering from an injury.

It seems like the treatment can benefit just about anyone, and that’s pretty accurate, said Dr. Gallagher, whose oldest patient is currently 87. However, red light therapy is not recommended for pregnant women or those with epilepsy, cancer, or medication. that cause photosensitivity.

Take care of a comfortable environment

Dr. Gallagher has practiced chiropractor for 20 years in the NJ/NY metropolitan area, seeing approximately 100 patients per day. A long-distance relationship with his wife, and a desire to reside in a less crowded environment, led him to move to Williamsport.


Reclaim Health is located in the Masonic Building, Suite 202, in Williamsport.

With the office set up in the Masonic Building downtown, painted by Jane Gallagher in calming hues of blue, the couple is on good terms. They are open seven days a week to accommodate schedules.

“When she comes in sick, I take care of her,” said Jane. “So before they get to the first visit, I measure their neck, shoulders, chest line, waist, hip, upper thigh, and then their calves. They go in for about 12 minutes. They come out, I measure them again, and they usually lose about a half inch to two inches, and they might We’ve already seen four or five.”

It’s a cumulative measurement, not a full four or five inches from one area at a time, Jane explained. But some patients lost up to 30 pounds over the six-week period.

In another case, one of their patients came looking for treatment for alopecia or hair loss, and she reported a significant improvement in her chronic back pain, for which she was not seeking effective treatment.

This type of treatment, which costs $50 per session in bed, is not covered by medical insurance. Dr. Gallagher offers the first session for $37.

The work includes a number of testimonials on their Facebook page, including John Young of Williamsport, who said, “Maximum results come with maximum effort. The combination of disciplined eating, exercise, and this technology has helped me crack the code for reducing that stubborn mid-section fat that I struggled with as I got older. “

“If pain is the problem, injections don’t get rid of the problem, they just mask it. This targets the cells, promoting healing,” said Dr. Gallagher.

For more inquiries, contact us 570-419-6266 or visit the Reclaim Health Center website.

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