Increased physique: Vin Diesel’s amazing body at the age of 55


Vin Diesel prefers supersets and trains five days a week.

Vin Diesel He is one of the most popular and highest paid actors in Hollywood. Characters like Toretto in the saga The Fast and the Furious They gave him this world recognition. But not only his impressive performance made him famous, but also his distinctive physique made many pay attention to him.

His powerful voice, shaved head, and extraordinary musculature made him stand out Vin Diesel He became a role model for all those who were eager to make changes in their body. What many people don’t realize is that it wasn’t always like this. While today, the 55-year-old actor sports a amazing bodyThere was a time when he was tall and skinny, but without muscles.

Achieving that body he has today involved a diet to build muscle mass and training that gave him that strength we all know. so by saying, Vin Diesel He managed to adjust his physique through daily training Combined cardio exercises With outdoor activities like running or doing yoga.

But what if we delve into his routine which, according to the portal, consists of 5 days of training and is divided into 2 days a week for shoulder, back and leg training; And the other three days he takes them to work his chest, triceps and biceps.

Additionally, the actor recommends changing up the routine as this helps the muscles stay in tension and not reach a level of stagnation. Something that can happen if the exercises are not varied. So if you want to like the body Vin Diesel Do not stop following their recommendations.

Vin Diesel practices martial arts. Photo:


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