Fitness consultants analyze industry developments in 2022


Fitness consultants analyze industry developments in 2022

Experts highlight the detachment of youth as fitness users (and its consequences for consumption and services) as one of the trends for 2022. Photo: Freepik.

(01-31-2023). Cmdsport Magazine #456 publishes a forum with the opinions of various experts and advisors in the fitness sector. The article collects their opinions on the most prominent phenomena in Spain during the year 2022.

The consultants and advisors participating in this forum from the digital magazine CMDsport No. 456 highlighted the various phenomena that marked the development of 2022 in the fitness market.

In this way, there are many estimates that they list, among them the gradual recovery that has occurred in the sector; the emergence of youth as fitness users (and the consequences for consumption and services); At the opposite pole is still the absence of elderly people as clients of gyms; the growing trend of hiring qualified professionals; Fertilizer price increase. The rate of opening of new centers, although some operators are falling by the wayside. These directions and many other ideas are collected in the following forum.

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To read the full article, it is available in Fitnessgym Magazine Issue #456, corresponding to December 2022. Here are some of the highlights:

Chano Jimenez

During 2022, a recovery, more or less generalized although uneven, was verified in this sector. All customers have recovered, although more customized fitness models have done so with more power and larger utility, in some cases, still lacking in the 2019 numbers.

On the other hand, although technological initiatives continue to emerge, in general, online fitness has lost steam. It has also been noted that the demand by the youngest has grown.

IGOID by Leonor Gallardo

The trend of hiring certified professionals continues, demonstrating the importance of appropriate qualifications for professionals in the fitness sector in Spain. In addition, a moderate recovery of the sector was observed after the general decline in 2020 due to the impact of the Covid pandemic. The data shows the beginning of a gradual return to data from before the health crisis.

Consulting Pablo Vinasper

I think there have been six important phenomena this year: the gradual recovery of the sector, in terms of partners and income, is very close to full recovery; The role of young users (less than 35 years) as a pillar in optimizing the sector and its consequences for the way of consumption and the offer of services; continued consolidation of the sector, with numerous mergers and acquisitions between companies; The price hike that started this year and looks set to continue in the coming months. revitalization of expansion plans for a large part of the operators; Finally, the huge increase in energy costs.

Valgo Manel Valcars

The year 2022 was marked by the end of restrictions and the use of masks, in a very difficult context due to the pandemic. But, in turn, a new global crisis has emerged, causing difficulties with supplies and energy, among other problems.

This year they have been able to win back a large part of the users, have grown in the youth audience, and return to the path of new slots, but have not reached good levels in the elderly. Without a doubt, the year of lights and shadows that we wish to leave and enter a new year that gives us better news and above all a more calm and stable environment.

More on the web Mª Angeles de Santiago

In terms of product presentation, there are several phenomena, such as the normalization of activity after the epidemic, with the successive change in user habits. In various facilities they have experienced how group classes lose a little strength, while outdoor workouts gain weight on their own. Plus, strength training has been ramped up, which we suppose was a revelation for a lot of people during the pandemic, even though it keeps changing constantly. The arrival of international operators with successful models in their countries of origin also means offering new services to the Spanish consumer, while diversifying the offer.

Read all this information in Digital Magazine #456 from CMDsport.


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