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    You already know that former bodybuilder, actor, and 7-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger has released a guide on the Internet with tips on how to train in the gym. He bases his social networks on the highlights.

    If a few days ago he explained a training plan that must certainly be taken into account before entering the gym, and talked to us about the appropriate number of repetitions in the exercises, then now is the time. The assumed limits that we must reach in our training.

    The title of “Pump Yourself” is Arnold’s clue And “The key part is learning to break down the barriers that were only there in your mind. That’s when you can become unstoppable.” You can read the entire guide by clicking on this link and entering your email. It’s free!

    For a long time, there was a “hood” on Olympic lifting, the clean and jerk. For decades, no one has lifted 500 kg. But then one of my heroes, Vasily Alekseev, did it. And do you know what happened? Six other lifters did so that year. There was no limit. You’ve likely heard the same story about Roger Bannister, the medical student who ran the first four-minute mile, long considered the human speed limit. Once this happened, it became popular. Someone had to go out and prove the limit wrong, and then the old limit became the new normal.

    The limits are fully set and it’s all in our minds (although respect the legal limits and don’t take out that email and show the cop Schnitzel told you the limits are fake). Maybe you think your limit right now is lifting 300 pounds, speaking a language, doing five push-ups, running a mile in 10 minutes, or reading a book a month. Whatever your “limit,” get that idea out of your head.

    The joy of life is seeing how much we can do, and fighting so that who we are tomorrow can be better than we are today. Live your life with the curiosity of knowing what your body and mind can really do, and with the knowledge that you wouldn’t really know. If you do, I promise you will feel more fulfilled.

    The goal of last month’s challenge was to show that a consistent routine pushes the boundaries every time. I was constantly increasing my bench press. Alekseev was constantly lifting weight. Bannister was constantly biding his time at the mile. What’s stopping you from reading more, doing more pressing, or learning more words in a new language? Infinitely, that’s for sure.

    If you think I’m crazy, try this: Do as many push-ups as you can. Tell me how much you do if you believe in limits, there you go. But then I want you to do it again in a week and tell me the number again. I have a feeling you’re going to say, “Damn, that Schnitzel knows what he’s talking about.”

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