The best routine from Sascha Fitness for defined and feminine biceps


Sascha Fitness loves having perfectly defined arms.

recognized Sasha Fitness He seems to have all the secrets related to a healthy body. Anyone who wants to improve their figure, before consulting another person, first checks what the fitness expert says and probably stays with the pointers given by the Venezuelan, because she knows that the results will be the best.

for the goddess of fitness, Sasha FitnessAll parts of the body are important and none of them should be overlooked. That’s why he designed a routine for defined and feminine biceps that burn, but the results are beautiful arms you’ll think are a dream. How is it achieved? Read on.

The revolutionary way Sasha Fitness to Biceps defined and feminine, which is offered to us through the website, will take only 30 minutes and consists in performing both exercises in succession, that is, without rest in between. The routine begins with a comprehensive set of biceps curl and dumbbell hammer. From this first routine there will be 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

After the first routine, the fitness goddess invites us to a second episode that consists of a biceps curl with dumbbells on an incline bench and centered biceps curls with dumbbells. From this last workout, he recommends 3 sets and 15 reps.

from here, Sasha Fitness It leaves two routines very complete because, as stated in an article on the portal, they also allow you to work out your back and strengthen and define all the muscles of the upper body. So, if you are looking for a routine to strengthen your biceps, look no further because with this exercise Sasha Fitness You will get those Biceps defined and feminine which you have been searching for so much

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