More and more fit: Stephanie Gonzalez’s transformation in the past five years


Stephanie Gonzalez’s followers consider her an ideal woman.

It’s no secret to anyone Stephanie Gonzalez she is one from fitness models The most important and beautiful social networks. It cannot be denied that she possesses an incomparable beauty, so beautiful that her followers consider her a perfect woman.

Yes good Stephanie Gonzalez She was always a very beautiful young woman, and it is also true that she has undergone a transformation in the past five years that has made her look even better. Yes, the Venezuelan model today has a body that turns out to be on another level. Therefore, it is not surprising that her followers describe her as a true goddess.

Industrial engineer by profession motivational fitness from heart, Stephanie Gonzalez It shows that through hard work you can achieve the desired goals. And it is that achieving that body we admire today is the product of hours of training and a lot of discipline, as well as conscious dieting.

But the other way Stephanie found to transform her body was through dance. Well, yes, the young lady loves to dance. In fact, on her social networks, she creates entertaining videos in which her more than 3 million followers can watch her move to the beat of her favorite songs. There is no doubt that it was a hobby that was essential in taking care of her body, because in addition to burning calories, it helped her to tone her muscles.

As can be seen in this Instagram post, the former Queen of Lara has always trained in order to have a better version of herself. So if you want to have amazing body like body Stephanie Gonzalez Get inspired by it and don’t leave the workout you can do today for tomorrow.

Stephanie Gonzalez admitted that coffee gives her the energy she needs to train. Photo: @stephanygonzalezs


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