Michelle Lewin’s most important exercises for pregnant women


For Michelle Lewin, exercise is a lifestyle that she wants to share with everyone who follows her.

Michelle Lowen He is a fitness star. The Venezuelan went from such a normal life, like everyone else, to one of the hottest women in the world fitness industry. his style in Healthy life This led to her being recognized all over the world, however, there was a moment when many thought she would stop working out, but to everyone’s surprise it wasn’t.

during pregnancy Michelle Lowen She continued to train and although she explained in an interview with peopleenespañol.com that her routine had changed a bit, she never gave up on it because exercise is part of her lifestyle. Best of all, she also wants to be a part of the daily lives of all pregnant women who want to continue training their bodies.

For those who follow her while she is pregnant Michelle Lowen He recommends two exercises that will help you feel good and get back in shape very quickly. But first she reminds them that it is important to listen to the body and that at least for a while it will be necessary to modify some of the pre-pregnancy routines they were practicing.

To debunk all the myths regarding exercise during pregnancy, Michelle Lowen He posted this video where he explains that playing sports at this stage of life is possible. The expert’s recommendation is to practice squatting and stepping onto a treadmill as long as the mother feels comfortable.

goodness Michelle Lewin exercises for pregnant women It prepares expectant mothers for childbirth, because they all contribute to the strength of the legs, which is very important for a person who is about to give birth.

Michelle Lewin trained throughout her pregnancy. Photo: kihi.news


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