1200 calories in 45 minutes!


Exercising and losing weight is undoubtedly the stellar solution for every new year. The gyms are crowded and many are starting to work to find the workout they need to get healthy and, above all, get slim this June. Because we do not deceive ourselves Weight loss is the number one goal for many who have embarked on exercise in 2023.

Therefore, at any cost, find a file Sports that burn more calories It is the priority of whoever wants it Weight loss And look at the numbers, what is supposed to translate later into a loss of body fat. But to achieve our goal of being fit, common sense tells us that we have to beat ourselves up in the gym. But What if they told you that there is a workout where you can burn up to 1200 calories in just 45 minutes?

A method that will revolutionize your body

the Boqua Fitness had become Group fashion category from gyms around the world. It is a completely new and revolutionary type of dance It promises pleasure but, above all, it guarantees a large expenditure of calories.


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