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Rich gaspari

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        The second richest bodybuilder in the world has compared his Mr. Olympia training to the routine of today’s bodybuilders. He has emphasized the abuse of anabolic steroids that body builders have always been done with. The incredibly massive physique of today’s bodybuilders is giving rise to a passionate new debate.

        In the recent podcast of Media Dragon Slayer Former IFBB athlete Rich Gaspari offered his thoughts on the differences between hard training and doping in the modern era. The question is: do today’s professional bodybuilders train as hard as the bodybuilders of the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s? (The 15 strongest and largest bodybuilders in history).

        And it is that Rich Gaspari was attacked by fans of Hedi Chopin after he spoke about his back in one of his podcasts. Although he later clarified that his suspension was not an attempt to undermine his gym work, the fan backlash didn’t stop Gaspari from having to further qualify his words. I don’t want to criticize people and say no. They’re hard retrainers because I think a lot of the current champions train hard, Hedi Chopin is one of them.” But he also hinted that Nick Walker’s training routines weren’t the best.

        Less intensity and more stimulants

        While reflecting on the differences between the intensity at which he trains and what most bodybuilders do now, he emphasized that bulk, volume, lean definition, good platform presence, and poses were now sought after. “The World Open has become a contest to see who’s the biggest, and with that goal doping is being abused. They take more drugs and train worse, that’s what happens.” Do you agree? (The muscles of a bodybuilder after a month without taking steroids).

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