Kate Middleton and her diet keep her 41-year-old fit


Weight loss after 40: This is what Kate Middleton eats in one day to stay 41 years old

for you Slender, toned figureAnd Kate Middleton Makes sure to keep it. For this, the 41-year-old mother imposed a food routine s Athlete Relatively strict, which allows you to maintain the figure, even after three pregnancies. The gorgeous athlete, who took up hockey, athletics or even rowing in her youth, keeps herself in shape thanks to another equally demanding physical activity: running after her kids. In any case, that’s what he would entrust to the guests at the reception who went on to repeat everything in the Daily Mail. Many moms and dads agree: having kids is a sport! Even more so when you have hyperactive offspring. There is no need for Prince William’s wife to go through long and boring fitness sessions when she just has to jump on the trampoline with her kids, chase them around the house or even take them to play outside, to pass the time.

Kate Middleton: What does the Princess of Wales eat to stay fit?

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But the Princess of Wales also owes her a very healthy and balanced diet that excludes complex carbohydrates and high-calorie products. As reported by Prensa-Salud, a typical Kate Middleton skin day would consist of having a highly nutritious, vitamin-packed drink made with kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, and berries for breakfast, sometimes accompanied by a bowl of oatmeal topped with Greek yogurt. And honey.

Then comes lunchtime, when the future Queen of England opts for a light menu, usually consisting of a salad of diced watermelon, sliced ​​avocado, red onion rings, sliced ​​cucumbers with crumbled feta cheese, and skewers of grilled vegetables.

Then she drinks green tea or mint-infused water throughout the day, and occasionally has some nuts or dried fruit if she needs a snack before dinner. The latter gives importance to lean proteins, such as grilled chicken or fish, accompanied by steamed vegetables as well as quinoa or sweet potatoes, which provide complex carbohydrates to the meal. Kate is also rumored to nibble on frozen grapes after dinner. A little fun, but good health please. Princess life is hard…

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