Hafthor Bjornsson and Johnsteen Medeiros: Fitness Competition


    Don’t let it be said that Thor Bjornsson is afraid of challenges. After leaving strongman competition to retrain as a boxer, beating fellow strongman Eddie Hall and turning a loss of over 50kg in the process, La Montaña sets a new goal of becoming a professional powerlifter after leaving the ring, but also continues to embrace new fitness challenges. on his YouTube channel.

    In a recent video, Bjornsson shares footage from his participation in The Buttery Games., an event organized by fitness influencers Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers, also known as the Buttery Bros, where athletes who work out at the highest level face off against each other. Among them are many of Bjornsson’s colleagues, including two-time World’s Strongest Man award winner Martins Licis, bodybuilder Kai Greene, self-proclaimed “world’s strongest gay” Rob Kearney, bodybuilder and stuntman Jon Call, also known In the name of Jujimufu. Several CrossFit players also compete, including “The Fittest Man on Earth” Justin Medeiros.who won her second consecutive victory in the 2022 CrossFit Games.

    “I’m a little nervous, I must admit,” says Bjornsson. Before the first test, the 400-meter relay “gasses” several competitors almost instantly.

    The second test is another cardiovascular challenge: the Progressive Cardiovascular Aerobic Endurance Race (PACER), better known as the Alert Test, in which participants must complete a series of 20-meter shuttles in decreasing intervals. Originally designed to test the aerobic capacity of athletes, the sway test proves difficult for some strongmen and competitive bodybuilders who don’t prioritize cardio in their workouts, like Kearney, who jokes that. “I’ll run until it hurts a little and then I’ll stop.”, and Lysis, who describes the test as “a dreadful and deceitful torture”. Unsurprisingly, the whistling test thins the field until only CrossFitters remain, Medeiros emerging victorious.

    Subsequent rounds of the obstacle course test the athletes’ upper body strength, speed, agility, mobility, power and accuracy, including the obstacle course and the basket shot, before the final inspirational test. In WOD: 1200-meter row followed by barbell pushes and Burpees.

    Bjornsson tries really hard In the rowing part that ends with equipment breaking and he has to change machines quickly to maintain his “wonderful” rhythm, something he regrets in the part of the running and push-ups with a barbell, where fatigue and pain force him to abandon the competition.

    “I went full throttle and burned myself on the paddle,” he says. “I was completely crushed.”

    Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and journalist from the United Kingdom covering popular culture, relationships and LGBT issues.


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