Alternate the forearm exercise with just three exercises


        It’s not worth getting big biceps and triceps if your forearms are sagging, because they will look lopsided. And if you neglect forearm training, effectiveness and efficiency should be your goal with this muscle. But choose the exercises well. Bending your wrists is nice, but it’s not enough.

        According to Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel and trainer Matthew Forzaglia, founder of Forzag Fitness, he gave us these tips. (The best exercises for gaining forearm muscles).

        Is wrist curl exaggerated? Yes, for many reasons, including:

        -Already with a biceps curl with dumbbells, you activate your forearm, so you don’t need it.

        – With this movement you are just training wrist flexion.

        You can overload your forearms.

        3 alternative exercises for training the forearms

        1- Biceps and hammer exercise

        3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions

        Yes, this curl works your biceps, as well as your forearms. By maintaining a strong, firm, and neutral grip with each repetition of the curl, you create plenty of forearm work to go along with your normal biceps training. The hammer curl and reverse Z curl target the most neglected areas of the forearms with wrist curls. “Your forearm works at different points throughout this curl,” says Samuel.

        2- Clean the bottom and roll it up

        3 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions

        Not only will this move require you to focus on forearm strength, but it will also increase shoulder stability. You won’t necessarily be able to load as heavy as some of the other moves, but it’s still worth it. When you hold the dumbbell upside down, the wobble of the weight will force your wrist into an upright position to keep the dumbbell upright. This will require a lot of forearm strength to pull off. Twisting from this position will add an extra piece of fun and dynamic challenge to your forearm that you don’t get from curls.

        3- Peasants’ picnics

        3 series of walking for 40 seconds

        Best of all, farmers outings can be done with almost any piece of equipment: dumbbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, you name it. Simply charge, pick up, grab, and then move as far as possible for a set amount of time or distance, or until you can take no more. (Best tip for growing your forearms).


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