Weight loss diet: lose extra pounds even while eating pizza and chips with the 80/20 rule; Here is a step by step guide


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Weight loss diet: Diet strategies such as “you can’t eat carbs” or “eat less” are common to most diet plans. We’ve been taught that in order to achieve results, you have to strictly adhere to the guidelines, leaving no room for your favorite foods. According to Dr. Archana Batra, registered dietitian, and certified diabetes educator, such a method usually fails because it does not lead to a sustainable and balanced lifestyle. Moreover, it leads to a “yo-yo” effect that makes your diet tougher and then cheats more on your diet.

Finding a diet that matches your requirements and lifestyle is beneficial. The 80/20 rule should be the greatest diet plan to meet all your requirements. Also, this diet will prevent you from gaining weight while making you feel satisfied after all. This will help you feel full for longer periods of time. longer, which reduces food cravings, this method emphasizes nutrients a healthy body needs and munchies that satisfy cravings in your mood.carbohydrates, the 80/20 rule focuses on dividing nutrients and other carbohydrates evenly throughout the day, often It can be difficult to start on a diet plan, so the goal is to keep your mind satisfied, and then gradually reduce your intake of high-calorie foods,” said Dr. Archana Batra.

How do you follow the 80/20 diet plan?

The diet consists of 80 percent nutrient-rich foods, such as protein, fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates, and 20 percent foods, such as a packet of chips, french fries, or whatever you like. If you think 20 percent isn’t enough room for snacks, increase it to 25 percent. However, exceeding this percentage of high-calorie foods is considered excessive.

Step by step guide:

  1. To start, always choose a high-protein meal for breakfast to energize your behavior and body.
  2. Second, for lunch, opt for home-cooked fare. White/brown rice/roti, protein side dish, pulses/lentils (dal), curry/fries.
  3. Third, if you eat a large meal, try to reduce the carbohydrates you eat afterward. If you are consuming a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast, simplify your lunch by reducing the amount of rice/roti and increasing the number of vegetables and side meats like chicken, fish or paneer. Tip: Depending on your food choice of the day, you should follow this guideline.
  4. Fourth, take a 30-minute break after lunch to consume cucumber/raita/yoghurt or something else that aids digestion. Tip: If you’re eating a very low-carb lunch, skip this section.
  5. Fifth, plan your meals on a weekly basis. If you’re planning a picnic on Saturday, choose low-carb items on Friday and Monday. This method allows you to control the amount of calories you eat.

Weight loss diet plan

Dr. Archana Batra also shares cheat meals for these two cheat days each week. For example:

  • Breakfast: oats
  • Morning snack: any fruit
  • Lunch: Vegetarian Biryani / Nonveg
  • Evening snack: burger/pizza
  • Dinner: A big bowl of lentil curry only (no roti/rice).
  • Don’t eat cheat meal for breakfast.
  • Avoid overeating on cheat days
  • Try to limit cheat meals after 8 p.m
  • Stay hydrated all day long
  • Include a detox drink and 30 minutes of exercise in your routine.

The best home-cooked balanced meal with a few spaces for sweets is your key to losing weight or staying fit. Hence, instead of starving yourself with fad diets this year, enjoy your favorite meals even while on a diet.

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