Increased fitness: the sudden change of Salma Hayek at the age of 56


Salma Hayek at her age continues to look very rejuvenated thanks to the healthy life she has been leading since she was just a little girl, which is why she also has the luxury of indulging her tastes on certain occasions.

Salma Hayek She is one of the most internationally recognized Mexican actresses, that is, since she was very young she has shown an unparalleled talent for acting, and despite the fact that the girl born in Coatzacoalcos is already 56 years old, she really looks less thankful. for your healthy life.

Salma Hayek enjoying chocolate ice cream. Source: for you

in different pictures Salma Hayek He stole everyone’s attention after posing in a bikini, however, according to what was released by the Telva portal, she is a real foodie, as she never misses a new restaurant, gives in to all sweets and loves to cook.

One of her favorite cuisines is definitely Mexican food, and she has confirmed this in various interviews, however, to enjoy all these delicacies, Salma Hayek You must spend hours in the gym to look so fresh.

Although she doesn’t post pictures or videos of herself exercising on her social media profile, she does say that she sometimes does a yoga style that keeps her muscles active all day long. This ensures that your legs, hips and arms are in good shape and your stomach is always flat.

Salma Hayek enjoying a meal outdoors. Source: Who

In addition, he does 30 minutes of cardio with a personal trainer. Thanks to his diligence in practice, Salma Hayek She never closes the doors to her passion, i.e. she works out and eats healthy from Monday to Friday, while on the weekends she makes room for her favorite foods.


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