Fitness: scissor kicks, the exercise that will work your core and tone your abs


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scissor kick It is one of the many exercises you can do to develop and maintain
core strength, but at the same time it’s simple and you can do it anywhere. It also targets your lower body, which means you engage multiple muscles to complete the movement.

To be able to successfully perform the scissor kick exercise, you must apply
Accurate technique in which you work
stomach musclesNot your lower back. By engaging the muscles in your legs through the scissor movement, you are directly engaging your core muscles. Besides the
correct alignment Running from the spine through a rigid core is what helps the lower body do the movement.

Since the focus of this exercise is to engage your core,
Don’t be in a hurry to complete the repetition. Instead, slow down and make sure you are
Follow the steps And maintain your form on all sets and reps.

How to do the scissor exercise well

First of all, find a file
bandage One of the exercises that you feel comfortable with. Lie on your back on the mat with your legs extended in front of you. Place your arms at your sides with your palms facing down. You can also put a file
Hands under the buttocks, on the small of the back, with palms pressed to the floor. Engage your core by pressing your lower back into the mat and tucking your pelvis into it. Maintain this position throughout the movement.

Then, lift both legs off the floor
angle of 45 degrees. Keeping your torso tense and your neck relaxed, lower one leg toward the ground as you lift the other leg. This is the beginning
scissors movement. Continue to slowly alternate your legs up and down for the recommended number of repetitions.

Woman preparing for exercise / PEXELS

two strings in between
12 and 20 repetitions, depending on how comfortable you feel. Never force. Each leg scissor is counted as one iteration. As you get stronger, add a third set. Scissor kicks can be a part of
Basic training What do you do regularly?

Scissor kick variations

If the basic scissor kick drill is too difficult, here it is
simpler movements You can make this using a similar motion pattern. Don’t let anything stop you. You can keep your legs lowered to the mat. This can help here
Take pressure off your lower back.

If you feel your lower back arching up and away from the mat while performing this exercise, start with
floating feet on the earth. As you get stronger, increase the distance between your legs and the floor. Of course, always make sure that the
The back is not arched.

Woman with abs / PEXELS sign

You can substitute scissor kick with
bike crunch. This variant follows a movement pattern similar to that of a scissor kick. To develop
duty s
resistance Before you attempt the scissor kick, consider mastering the lying bike bench press.

Master your style

Watching a scissor kick on video is one thing, but executing the move correctly is an entirely different process. Before you grab the exercise mat and do a few reps, there are a few things to follow.
Advice It is very useful to keep an extension
Fixed arms throughout the movement. Your arms act as stability, but should not be used as a driving force.

narrow heart It is involved throughout the movement. hold the
Rhythmic and controlled movementNot fast and furious. The scissor kick is an isolation exercise, which means it’s often most effective when included in an overall workout routine. You can find the scissor kick in a series of exercises from
Pilatesand abdominal and core exercises, plus cardiovascular training classes.


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