“Bodybuilding is thriving among young people”


Bodybuilding continues to generate controversy. There are those who see health, sacrifice, discipline, and others who see obsession. The objective fact is that it is a “mutation”. A discipline that has grown every year for a decade. Anyone who uses weight machines in the gym does bodybuilding. Fitness is part of bodybuilding and has helped change the way it is seen.Oscar Marin, Head of the Aragonese Regional Delegation of the FEFF-IFBB (Spanish Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), defends Oscar Marin.

“Talking about fitness and bodybuilding is like talking about those who usually go out jogging and professional athletes,” he says. “Let’s say that’s the most expensive part of the sport. You don’t have to lift a lot of weight.” Today there are 850 federal individuals, although, according to Marin, “there are millions who are bodybuilders.”

Marin defines bodybuilding as “a body worship that includes not only The physical side but also the emotional and mental side.” He defends this, saying, “It doesn’t matter one sport or another, the important thing is that you practice one because it offers core values.”

It includes not only the physical part but also the emotional and mental side.

“Bodybuilding is thriving among young people,” he says. “When I see a gym full of kids doing sports instead of smoking in the square, I’m so happy.” And confirms that this sporting activity “She still suffers from stigma albeit less and less.” “Many see it as a practice in which many things are taken, but the truth is that a lot has changed in recent years. I’ve been in the world for over 30 years and when I started, the diets were way more strictsays Marín, who is a personal trainer and nutritionist. He has also competed and served as a judge. Now he is fighting for the creation of the Aragonese Federation of Bodybuilding, as other independent societies in the country have already done.

Ruben Olagaray is a clear example of the passion that exists among young people for this discipline. He is 22 years old and he is a sports coach. “At 13, I started at home. I bought two weights and did some push-ups and push-ups. Then, at the gym, I started at 18 with the goal of not getting into the world of competition. I signed up to see myself better, but after watching videos of people competing , caught my eye and encouraged me,” says the young man who took a nutrition and personal training course.

“Without a doubt, there are more and more kids my age or 18 who are being encouraged and I think the main reason behind this is ‘influencers’ and social networks,” Comments Olagaray, who was the absolute champion of the community in the IFBB and the second in the Spanish championship in his category.

Oscar Marin, Victoria Hernandez and Michy Perez in different competitions.

Oscar Marin, Victoria Hernandez and Michy Perez in different competitions.

“There is a boom in physical fitness. Most people go to the gym.”

Zaraguzano Michel Perez is 48 years old and has been dedicated to bodybuilding for over thirty years. He started being disciplined to raise his self-esteem and he never imagined that he would start competing at just 18 years old. He won the Aragonese championship four times and won the gold medal at the national, European and world levels.. It is a standard in this discipline. He was also an amateur Mister Olympia and is now about to apply for the Mister Olympia Master. He has a professional card for his sporting merits.

“There are young people who have hundreds of thousands of followers, and this encourages others to practice this sport.”

In addition to competing, he is also a coach for youth scores. “You can’t live by competition alone. At most, we won 3,500 euros on the show. Then we have sponsors, which is another economic resource. We are also committed to training other people. Now I’m taking 100 boys and girls.”Meet the professionals.

Perez confirms that there is “Boom fitness and bodybuilding”. “When I started out in this world, almost nobody went to the gym, two out of ten people. Now the majority go, seven out of ten,” he says.

He notes that social networks influenced the heyday of this discipline. “There are young people who have hundreds of thousands of followers and that encourages others with this sport,” he said. Aim. Perez laments that in some cases there is obsession and “it’s not healthy.”

“There are new challenges every day, it’s health, sacrifice and looking better every time”

Victoria Hernandez is a community reference. He’s 52 and it started less than ten years ago, when he was 43. “I’ve never had dumbbells in my life And when I was in the sport less than two years ago, I launched myself to apply for a title. I won the Promise Championship for the first time, and it’s for people who’ve never competed. When I won, I got hooked and kept going,” he says.

After some time, she was declared the champion of Spain and the runner-up in the world. “I soon realized that it only brings benefits. There are new challenges every day, it’s health and sacrifice and you’ll look better every time,” says Hernandez.

“I’ve never carried weight in my life, and when I’ve been doing this sport less than two years ago, I launched myself to present myself in a ‘show’”

He notes that this discipline “was always associated with men, but now it is not.” “There are more and more girls, and since there are now so many categories, something that there weren’t before, it means that many of them are encouraged to compete. And that they are softer does not mean that it is not necessary to discipline. It is essential that this sport be consistent,” Hernandez points out.

Bodybuilder confirms “There are critics because not everyone deserves it.” “Not everyone is able to sacrifice themselves the way we do and put bodybuilding ahead of many other things. These are the people who criticize it. The truth is that it is healthy, like other sports,” he defends.


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